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Dave Matthews Band
October 16, 1996
War Memorial, Rochester, NY

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Show Reviews

User: casezille
AWESOME show! This seating chart isn't right though. The whole floor was open...no seats. I managed to get to the front!!

User: dmbaddict6swife
free tix awesome setlist im hooked

User: DMBSW111
#36 into ants marching was sweet

User: frontrow36
hi. this was my very first dmb show, awwwwwww..i'm from boston and this was in rochester ny, when i went to RIT for that year and a half..haha.. but, it's soo strange looking at the setlist and remembering i didn't know some of the songs... i was just getting into the band and my friend ian had tickets.. i've been to about 10 more shows since then, and i still hold this one in high regard, i mean i went to see this new band that i felt this starnage connection with. i had never really loved a band, the way that all my friendsloved the grateful dead.. then i saw the video for too much and that was it.. i ran and bought the cd, and read all the lyrics before i even listened to the tape.. haha a tape.. but, back to the show, it was awesome! experiencing their raw talent for the first time was like having an orgasm! i was automatically hooked! they always play for a wicked long time, and 2 encores, hello? i bet everyone's gonna hate this review but, i don't care.. i love it. thankyou dave.

User: kkrue99
First DMB Show with my then boyfriend, now husband and Eric, Lori and Ed. Lori and I worked our way from the very back seats all the way to the stage and acted like silly school girls when we realized how close we were to Dave!! Remember being up close for Watchtower and noticing Dave's pajama pants :)

User: klarocca

User: rubyy3
This is funny. A window just popped up and said, \"We have a record that you attended the War Memorial show in \'96.. Would you like to write a review?\" I was like, \"Hell, Yeah!\" (Whistfully) This was my first Dave Matthews Band concert... I would later refer to concerts as show, the cooler I became, just kidding,... Anyways, I went with this kid Ian I liked. I had just started college at RIT, in Rochester, NY. I was only 17, awwwwwwwwww. I was blown the fuck away! All my life I had been searching for a band that I could call my own. People all around me felt very strongly about the Grateful Dead.... Did I? Not so much. I wanted Violins! And Saxaphones! And flutes, and Carter Beauford! And there it all was. I had nosebleed seats... Did I give a shit? Hell No! So, I\'ve been an uber-fan for 11 yrs. now. It seems like just yesterday I was reading the lyrics to the Crash album before actually listening to the songs....A fond memory... I often dream about what it would be like to meet the band.. I think I\'ve had about 36 dreams... It\'s funny.. I\'m usually in a small ampitheatre... or at Bonnaroo.. and I\'m missing the show.. and I\'m flipping out... On my way to see Dave & Tim last Saturday in Amherst, Ma. I was thinking to myself for the 9hundreth time what I would say to Dave Matthews if I ever met him. I finally figured it out... I would ask him if he had heard the song \"Naive Melody\" from The Talking Heads. That\'s my all-time fav song.. Download it folks... Also, I would ask if he was a Modest Mouse fan, because frankly they\'re my new favorite.. However, no one will ever compare to The Dave Matthews Band in the eyes of myself, Jill Ames... Cheers! P.S. My favorite DMB song is Loving Wings... It knocks my dick in the dirt.

User: smithgirl
This was my first DMB show and the reason I love them now!

User: SRJoseHobday
One of the best renditions of All Along the Watchtower that I have ever heard...

User: TaylorMade
My first show. It was outstanding. Was on the floor about 40 rows back. Some kid jumped off one of the speakers during the Typical Situation jam and Dave told him off. "To the rest of you thanks for being so f'ing cool" - then right into R&R.

User: TGB1178
1st show

User: TRonz34
A decent show, probably the least favorate of the ones I have been too. The venue was crap and the sound was very distorted


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