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Dave Matthews Band
September 6, 1996
World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL

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Show Reviews

User: cjlily
This is the 1st time I ever saw DMB.

User: dennist41
I actually purchased 1 ticket in section 105 just to see DMB open up because I became a fan in summer 1995. I was 19 years old and only cared about seeing DMB (don't care for Neil Young). The place was totally empty and security allowed me to walk up to the second row center to watch Gin Blossoms open up first. I snuck a disposable camera in and threw the camera to the singer of Gin Blossoms who took pictures of the band while they played Hey Jealousy and threw the camera back to me. When DMB came out there was still no one around and this was the most memorable moment of my life in DMB because I had the whole band to myself in the second row center! I was too excited to even think to jump into the first row though no one was there! The setlist was amazing and blew me away. What struck me about this concert is that the band really played loud and interacted with me taking my request for Tripping Billies. Here is the greatest moment though...by the time the band was on their 8th or 9th song all these older Neil Young fans with long grey hair were crowding the seats around me drunk, high and begging me to tell them the names of each song because they couldn't believe how rockin' this band they never heard of was. The were screaming for the band to play more. It was my proudest DMB moment as a fan. I still have the ticket stub and snapped a bunch of pictures of the band as they played, most notably a perfect picture of dave and boyd doing the jam on tripping billies. Longest opening band setlist I have ever heard by any band, but then again there was no one there at the beginning. By the way, dave is in classic old school plad pants in my pics!!!

User: eboy12171977
Didnt plan on going to this show, but received a surprise gift from my gf at the time, so it was a good show

User: greybart41
Good stuff.

User: IL Mikey
My first DMB show. If only I could take that short setlist, add a few more favorites and get them to play it today, I'd be a happy guy. Show had a weird crowd mix, with younger teenage and 20-something fans there for Gin Blossoms and DMB, and your older crowd for Neil Young. Great night. Very unique show.

User: likeabeachball
My 2nd or 3rd DMB show. They were opening for Neil Young, so I guess I was not prepared for the abbreviated set list? Really strange, was the SMOKE MACHINE? That was a first and I just saw them here three months earlier, w no smoke. It slowly started billowed during the beginning of #41, between Stefan and LeRoi, blowing sharp right towards Dave and Boyd. A few times someone on stage would vanish in the smoke. I think I might have seen smoke at another show (live? video?) during DDTW? I dont know exactly when, but by Jimi Thing (2 songs later) the smoke was completely gone from the show. Otherwise they played a very tight set. Dave still used to REALLY dance back then, and he started to get wound-up during Drive In Drive Out and Two Step, but nothing like the full-headliner shows, where he could just explode across stage, still playing his guitar, broken strings thrashing, or occasionally cutting a crazy-legs-watusi w Boyd. Nope. They still put on a good show, but it almost seemed to be radio-cuts, w no extended jams, save for Jimi Thing & a bit w Two Step, but they exploded with loud and hard hitting arrangements during this songs finite time allowed. Dave and Boyd ignited Tripping Billies but it dwindled too quickly ...after all, it was a Sunday night show. And going into the encore the audience demographic was tilting away from us towards 35-50 yr old Neil Young fans. And you could see DMBs Recently encore was playing to a crowd no longer dancing, but now estimating how much drive time to exit the parking lot and reach the interstate? When DMB left the stage 40% of audience in attendance went streaming for the bathrooms, exits. We now found ourselves near the front row for Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Actually just Neil Young, bc he played solo at the beginning, but then he started lecturing us A LOT, saying he was not going to play while we contributed/stayed ignorant to the global decline of many, many things. We all had to work in the morning, so the second time he started playing a song only to stop and just go Crazy Old Man Stay Off My Lawn, we retreated.

User: panick2973
Actually they opened and sound garden played 2nd

User: RussG6479
My first Dave show.

User: saracov
first concert, have been a fan ever since:)

User: Tourcationer41
We were actually in the lawn.... Gin Blossoms opening for DMB opening for Neil Young and Crazy Horse!

User: truecb
My first show! Back then i was eight, so they obviously impressed me a lot.

User: YourPalJay
Quite cool to get a 75 minute DMB set and a full show by Neil Young, all in one night. Great Recently with "Pretty Pretty Girl" outro.


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