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Dave Matthews Band
May 11, 1996
Concert Hall, Toronto, Ontario

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Show Reviews

User: davehino
this was my first DMB show and it has to be in my top 2 or 3... the venue was tiny, maybe 1000 and it was all GA so we got very close. I won't bore you with the song by song review but they were tight. g love came out for #36, he called the canadians hosers which was funny. anyway, the encore or little thing --> exodus --> watchtower was fantastic. before exodus, dave introduced it by saying "15 years ago today, bob marley got died, he got up and died." it was 4:20 for the whole band all night... dave even mentioned it. great, great show. i've been addicted ever since... used to have a cassette of the show, would love to find a copy

User: gmm6797
Freaking awsome show, with G Love and all... remains one of my best and funnest shows... even though it ended close to 2am, it kicked some serious ass :-)

User: littlejalopeno
Aero Hall had very bad acoustics. I was upclose so I could'nt really tell, but my friends in the back said that it was pretty bad. Great set though, and a couple fo great jams.


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