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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
February 11, 1996
Lefrak Gymnasium - Amherst College, Amherst, MA

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Show Reviews

User: GraceBuckley
Freaking AMAZING! These were some of my absolute fave shows ever, of any band any time. This one and UConn in particular... stunning, laughed so hard I almost peed my pants several times too, so there's that... :)

User: Lambs1
A magical show as everyone filed into the gym expectantly. Dave & Tim were in fine form, the Davespeak was great, and the crowd was cool. Unfortunately, the sound was not that great. Song highlights were OSW; Recently; BWBF; Minarets; Say Goodbye; Jimi; R&R; IBYU; Nancies; Seek Up; Deed Is Done; Granny; and Watchtower. First time I ever heard Crash Into Me and #41.

User: sharync17
This was my first Dave show and still one of my favorites. Dave and Tim rocked out and had a great time.


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