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Dave Matthews Band
October 4, 1997
Farm Aid, World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL

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Show Reviews

User: Chris6879
Too short of set

User: Exclamation!
really cool when the fireworks went off over the lawn during Ants Marching end of set end jam part....

User: Frommie67
Went with my brother and our buddy Mike & his wife (who were huge Mellencamp fans). Seconds after getting to our seats, shortly after Steve Earle finished playing, I was crapped upon by an over fed pigeon. Could have put a damper on the day but thankfully the World had air hand driers and the day was saved. Farm Aid is a long day and the crowd was pretty into DMB by the time their slot rolled around. Of course it was my highlight of the day. Neil Young was a total buzz kill that year. He talked more than he sang and didn't sing anything I was excited to listen to.

User: jkleinlein
My first time at a Dave Matthews show and it was awesome! Great set of songs...tons of people around me that kept on saying "That was awesome...what was the name of that song?"

User: rrusso13
My First of many to come!

User: sleevesmcd
The version of Two Step they played was spectacular, the place went nuts because there were a lot of folks at the show to see DMB. The show continued to fly along, the band seemed to be compressing the intensity of a two hour show into these seven songs. A very solid performance from DMB on a day when folks like Mellencamp, Foggerty and more set a high bar.

User: SupermanPA
First time I ever saw Dave. Amazing to say the least. The entire day was amazing. Great lineup. Mellencamp, Fogerty, Allman Brothers, Neil Young(who blew), Willie, BECK!!!

User: YourPalJay
Short set, but still fun. Great mix of bands at Farm Aid, as always.


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