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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
February 21, 1997
Warfield, San Francisco, CA

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Show Reviews

User: clifflange
Absolutely unbelievable, one of the best Dave experiences of my life. My girlfriend at the time and I went there without tickets and were standing outside of the theatre debating whether or not to fork over $200 to a scalper or stand outside and listen to the concert. Dave and Tim started to play the first song and some guy (a Dave angel) walked right to us and asked if we wanted tickets, face value front row. We spent 3 hours in awe of two masters and I will never be able to truly describe how amazing that show was. After the show I waited by the side entrance to meet him but it never came. That would have been the icing on the cake but I'm glad that it didn't happen so I would be inspired to see him another 20 times with the hope that I would get to meet him. I'm still waiting.

User: jwhyland
First Dave Matthews show ever. Snapping in one of the last few songs from the audience. I think it was christmas song. Cool effect. Hooked!

User: SadJulia
very cool.


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