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Dave Matthews
December 7, 1998
104.1 WBCN-FM, Boston, MA

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Show Reviews

User: katfenton
I was one of the radio station winners who had the opportunity to ask a question on the air. I was so nervous and felt like I talked incredibly fast, but when I heard it played back on the recording, it was good! Once in a lifetime experience, great fun!

User: Pageantbean

User: randallpink14
i only heard the last 10 minutes or so in my car, it was pure luck cause i live in ct. and 104.1 used to be a kick asss station back then, and i was up in franklin mass. my freshman year of college and 104.1 was a good radio station too so i was on my way back from taco bell and listened to it, floored it to try to get back to my room, and i ended up taping a few minutes of it. and i wish i still had the tape, but it was a good interview and few songs, i only heard the stone.


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