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Dave Matthews Band
May 25, 1998
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

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Show Reviews

User: balance1st

User: erictobias
great show!

User: giaco
2nd show! Beautiful

User: jprader
My first, and only to-date, Red Rocks show. It was magical.

User: LeftyDv
I originally posted this on nancies.org on May 26, 1998. No edits have been made... this is what I said then and I stand by it. (If you are actually reading this.)

The first night, I had reserved tickets so I was able to for go the waiting in line to get good seats at the Rocks. But on Monday, I had the delight of waiting in line for hours. It was worth it the moment I got to my 13th row seats - much better than the row 57 from the night before. I could actually see their expressions again. We have this old saying here in Colorado: If you don't like the weather, stick around for a while; because it can change real quick. The first night was evidence of that, with the rain and all. Monday night was a lot like that. There were times when it looked as if the skys were going to open up again, but only a few rain drops fell... so we could all just focus on the show. Poi Dog Pondering opened up, and became the first opening band I've ever really really enjoyed at a Dave show. Los Lobos was apt last year, but Poi Dog was just phat. (The three break dancers during their set allow me to use the term phat... not really in my vocab, but there's not much more you can say to describe them.) The crowd really go going... unlike the night before with Taj Mahal. So when Dave came on stage, the crowd was more than ready. The band opened up with a better version of Two Step than the night before. Let's face it, when you play three encore songs, you can't jam as long as you'd like. But Monday night, at the beginning of the show, the long jam was what the doctor ordered. Then it came... Dave went to the microphone and said, "I have a sister named Jane..." and the entire crowd went absolutely crazy - well, those of us who knew there's an album called Remember Two Things. I knew we were in for a different set list at this moment. Next came Don't Drink the Water. It was fine and all and I was happy they played it early in the set. You know they're gonna play it, so you just grin and bear it. It was good, but I think Sunday night's was better. All Sunday night I had been waiting to hear Jimi Thing... and the band didn't play it. They were waiting for a nice night to do their longest jam for a dancing crowd that wasn't drenched. Nice enough of them. It was real sweet... haven't seen any other shows on the tour, but everyone's been talking about it on this page. It certainly didn't let me down any. Stay was good, but was much better the night before, simply because of the "it began to rain" lyric. The roaring crowd Sunday just couldn't compare. Satellite was next and the show began to lull. But Carter pounded on his skins and made me take my focus from the song and him. If you're going to a future concert and the band plays Satellite... listen to Carter - he goes off, especially for it being such a slow song. The Last Stop got things going and the lights were awesome... guess you miss those things when it's raining on you. Crush, my fav on the new disc, was even better than the night before. It was a long jam... probably an addition 5-7 minutes after the album version would have ended. Stefan was just awesome. True Reflections came next and my date freaked on me. She loves Boyd and she watches him all night. Seeing her that happy made me enjoy the song even better - word to graduating high school seniors - this is one great graduation song. Consider it. So Much to Say reminded me of an Indigo Girls concert - everybody singing along... but the version wasn't anything speical. No Too Much, since they'd played it the night before. Pig would have been a real treat had they not played the Dreaming Tree right after - first time on the tour, right? Great song, decent live, but most people sat down because they didn't know it. Maybe they should listen to the last half of the album too. Recently and Tripping Billies were the usual great way to end a show. I would have rather heard Ants Marching, but Billies was more than apt as a closer. For the encore, Pantala/Rapunzel was good... but it's a better opening song than a middle of the set song. Watchtower was amazing like usual, but I would have rather heard Halloween. All in all, a decent show. Some parts were much better than the night before, but I still think Sunday was a dream set list. It's clearly evident the band loves playing Red Rocks. Monday would have been their third night in a row of playing dates (one in Salt Lake on Saturday) but I think the atmosphere kept them going strong. There was no layoff between the two nights. For Tape Traders - I think both these shows are a must on your lists.

User: lilmissdmb
my first dmb show, hella cool

User: Panicfan
So psyched that I got to hear the first live Dreaming Tree...remained one of my favorites

User: rachella76
My first show! Amazing!

User: rcspider1466
Loved the show. Jane! Granny! the night before. My lame-o wife made me leave early and I missed Watchtower. Divorced her shortly after.

User: Tripp'nBillie57
beatiful venue...A+

User: WindyCityFan
Next to my New Year's Eve experience in Hampton, VA, these two shows were by far one of the most amazing Dave experiences I've had. My friend ended up cancelling so I flew from Chicago to Denver alone for Memorial Day weekend. I went to Red Rocks very early each day and sat in line--among the rocks--with some really cool people. The shoes were absolutely amazing. The skies opened up and poured one night and I think it just fueled the audience on even more. And the setlists were perfect. I think I almost passed out with Granny on the first night and then with Jane (and the Watchtower finale) on the second night. A memory I will never forget.


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