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Dave Matthews Band
May 8, 1998
Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Show Reviews

User: bamboki
5th row. No security cheap beers AKM = Ass Kicking MAchine

User: bingmiran
This was a great show for many reasons. The first reason is because my friends and I met Dave outside of our hotel. We did not have tickets and we asked Dave what he could do. We went to will call and Dave had three seats for what turned out to be a the best small venue around.

User: bjressler
pretty good setlist, nice to hear beauty of wynona. nice little venue, nice atmosphere. my first show, so can't complain at all.

User: CNogs41
Smallest venue ever

User: n2smith
My first show and it was amazing! The venue was great, small but very loud and full of energy. Not a bad seat in the house. Heard some great songs and rare ones as well. Went with a bunch of college friends and we all had an unbelievable time.

User: naas909
The most incredible night of DMB, for me. So close...I was in 3rd row, and Dave was only about 10 feet in front of me. It's always bugged me that the official website's had this setlist wrong. It was DMB at their peak, -in my opinion.

User: Pottsy
The first ever visit by the band to Winnipeg. Such a cool venue for a show, especially considering that they were just beginning to get huge in the States and play to stadiums. The Walker only holds about 1,250, and every person there was treated to a great setlist of new and old. I don't recall much special from the show in terms of rarities, but it was solid playing all around.

User: satellite_eye
My first DMB show ever, bought a ticket from someone standing outside the venue for $2 less than face 5th row floor absolutly dead center. An awsome show, small venue, and for a 16 yrold skipping curfew, it was an amazing night!! I seem to remember BTCS was released in Canada a day before or after the show so many of the songs were completelly new to the fans. I do also remember dave speaking at the end of the set saying how they were packing in for the night and need to rush out because of someone in the tour crew or band just had a brand new baby. To the guy who sold me his friends ticket 5 mins before the show at $2 less than face in the 5th row, I say THANK YOU


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