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Dave Matthews Band
July 13, 1999
Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA

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Show Reviews

User: Beckat916
I took my sister to her first DMB show.

User: DCIGuy

User: demo420dmb
Had been a fan for a few years and it was my first oppertunity to see them. Needless to say I had the time of my life

User: dreamingrace
the crowd seemed so tired. Shows on the weekdays prove to be difficult. I had a blast. my 65 mustang served me well. may she r.i.p.

first time I realized the depth of the music. The emotions I felt were out of this world. I traveled from s.f. because I loved seeing them the first time that I wanted to catch them again before they flew out of town...

tripped me out, nothing like it

1000x goodnight! ~

User: eraoul
Cool setlist, but i thought the sax sounded flat. didn't like the seats other, but Dave sounded great.

User: jeffapearce
Great opener...Greg Howard on stick

User: kevhale24
Two DMB shows in 3 days should have been the most awesome 3 days ever, except the people of Sacramento ruined it. Sacramento is the absolute worst place to see a show. The crowds are horrible. It's unbelievable, really, since every show I've ever seen in San Francisco (DMB or otherwise) is so amazing. This show and the Sac show in 2000 were the worst shows I have seen. But a DMB show is like sex, even when it's a bad experience, it's still pretty damn good. The band was great. Angel from Montgomery rocked. (Didn't know Boyd could sing so well! Why doesn't he sing more? He and Dave harmonize so well together.) I would have liked the show a lot more if the slugs in Sacramento knew how to have a good time at a concert and actually stood up a moved their fat asses every now and then.
Hey SacTown, I hope the Kings move to Vegas! You ruined my Dave Matthews Band show, you bastards!

User: mjbradley

User: QLoDMBgirl
Second Row, with 5 of my best friends, Dave and Boyd were jammin in our faces the whole time. Absolutly one of the best nights of my life.

User: richarDMB
crash that night made all my porblems go away for six minutes.

User: Rodzilla_v
My First DMB Show. I was very green to DMB. Did not know many of the songs names. Only new Crash and Seek Up. Got tickets to the show at the last minute, so we got crappy seats, all the way to the top, to the left of the band. Acoustics were bad at this show, only because of the location that I was in. However, I did enjoy the show, although I dont remember it much.

User: slowbucket
Great seat...lucked into it outside, payed face value and had a music-changing event. I was a fan before but nothing like I was afterwards.

User: stonefry
This was my 1st show. Got to see/hear the Gibson Chet Atkins SST in action before Dave retired it. Arco was pretty much hotboxed, but I still remember most of the show 7 years later at the time of this review. The show was awesome of course, with two step as the most memorable for me.

User: TrojaNeo
First show ever. The beginning to a long and expensive and no regrets habit...


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