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Dave Matthews Band
June 9, 1999
Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN

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Show Reviews

User: bknapp4dave
Last stop into Two Step to open! Hello! Good set- only 1 song encore but good one- Ants!

User: Confit23
First Concert Ever, fell in love

User: daverains
outstanding as always

User: dmb-brazil
Pig, TS, Last Stop, Ants, Two Step... Very good setlist. I think it was at this show that I started to realize I was not the only "freak" with a DMB obsession. There were a couple of guys sitting next to me that traveled to see the band and one had a little pocket tape recorder. I also started to notice mics all over the place....

User: GoodOmens
This was when dave had broken ribs so his vocals weren't as good as they should have been (I saw him clutching his chest during some songs). Other then that a overall good show.

User: redlespaul
I won free tickets--too bad they were nosebleed...my friend and I snuck down to the lower level after the Neville Bros. finished their set--the show got much better after that!

User: SciDmbOar
damn fool...that shit was cool

User: stoneycornbread
this was a trippin show.

User: tgoins
Kim, McGoogen, Finch and myself at the pyrmaid... Awesome show but the acoustics in the pyramid are lacking...

User: WarEagle34
This was my first show. I found out quickly that what they say is true: After you've seen it live, everything changes. Billies end then an Ants encore. I could not have picked a setlist that I wanted more.


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