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Dave Matthews Band
May 16, 1999
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI

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Show Reviews

User: aflg8rgirl4dmb
What a blast! Went with my best friend. It was Boyd's birthday and he was really on.

User: Dave41Fan
Just another wicked show... me and my buddy Andrew both freaked out when Ants started playing

User: dmb2stepper41
my first show, and the best setlist ever. awesome.

User: Frommie67
Justin & my first experience with Warehouse tickets was pretty sweet. It was also the day after I had my first date with my wife and was just in a great mood. Great view in a smallish arena. We also learned from our trip to the Quad cities and found the closest hotel to the venue, so there would be no need to drive. As an added bonus the hotel had a speaker for the TV in the bathroom, cool. I lost my mind when Dave started Long Black Veil which has been one of my favorite songs for years. We were primed for June after this show.

User: jasonjohnson3
Second show... not as good as the first (much due to my seats) at the Palace a few nights before but still a great show.

User: K2stepdmb3412
This was a good show

User: mccaulj

User: msteen02
Great show. I finally got to see Ants with the whole band!!!

User: nelso222
At the time, I was dissapointed with the setlist and in inclusion of so many radio-released songs. It seemed like overkill, especially considering how good the last show at Van Andel was (11/19/98). Now, looking back and comparing the sets now, I'd be thrilled to see the band play more shows like this.

User: rcplion
I've never been so drunk in my life.

User: scotty73
Early in my DMB career, every show was a 5

User: sithfish
My first time seeing DMB live. Excellent show, great energy. The encore with Long Black Veil was memorable.

User: StarCrash41
First show that I ever saw. I've been hooked ever since.

User: SupermanPA
First time I heard him play the Long Black Veil live, simply moving and amazing! The Thunderstorm on the way home made me late to my first period class back in Chicago.

User: thenamenottaken
My first Dave show...i was changed forever


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