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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 10, 1999
Bridges Auditorium - Claremont College, Claremont, CA

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Show Reviews

User: AngelFan17
Long, Sweet, Amazing!!!! Got my tickets at the will call booth the day of the show, I was a junior in high school, and I bailed English and Yearbook, to get my ass over to Bridges, got two tickets, obstructed view. Psyched, get there,we are in the very last row of the entire venue. It was so sweet though, the guitars just in rhythm bouncing off the walls and the ceiling, most amazing thing I have ever bought a ticket to.

User: caribbeandream
My first Dave and Tim show....thank goodness for the hook up I found in my dorms who happened to know someone who went to Claremont College to get the tix for me!

User: cheshirekrd
Was amazing first Dave & Tim show. The dude with the lighter was soooo damn funny. Started a life long love affair with the band. I kept thinking "If Dave and Tim are this great, what the hell can the whole band do"

User: dodo
It was my Junior year at Claremont McKenna College (CMC). I had been a huge Dave fan since the first time I heard him during my Junior year in high school. Hearing that Dave was coming to our campus was awesome and strangely unreal news. The school bought the first 20 rows of seats or so, and sold them to students for $25/seat before the public got a chance to purchase them. I sat in the 7th row directly to the left of Dave. He played for at least 3 1/2, maybe 4 hours...it was the funniest I've ever heard him, as he seemed extremely comfortable in the small auditorium setting. He played an amazing setlist and his voice was amazing. He rolled The Stone into Elvis, "wise men say, onlyfools fall in love...etc"...and Wild Horses were the highlights of the night. Best part of it all was that I was about 15-20 feet from the stage. That night turned me into a Dave Head....my first show, and 10 shows later, still the most amazing experience. The best concert experience that I've ever had. Period.

User: gmanCA
Amazing show. Even when the kid two rows in front of my almost lit the whole place on fire with his lighter. Dave even joked about it on stage but pulling his hand up his sleeve and saying, "Yeah Mom, it was a great concert."

User: serfmunke
Since I did not get the tickets for the Santa Barbara show I figured I needed to go to this one. Had fun, always do.


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