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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
January 23, 1999
Fisher Auditorium - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

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User: burnin'_one
could have been a ton better if the stupid frat heads would not have been drunken assholes!!! from what I have heard from our student affairs, Dave would not come back because of how unattentive and annoying everyone was!!! This shows the lack of appreciation alot of people have of music!!!!

User: busteriup
Was three rows back and had a great view. They sounded great and I was very excited to be there. What really helped the show and the hype was that Live at Luther had come out that same week. Also, a cool story is that I had slept outside our student union (on the eve we thought tickets were to be sold), because on a certain website it was stated that tickets would start that day. To much of the workers surprise when they arrived at the HUB that day, there were almost 200 people that showed up just by word of mouth. A controversy erupted due to the fact that they had no knowledge of the tickets being sold that day. The crowd was not happy to say the least. I was third in line and noticed that the workers were overwhelmed. They were very patient and kind. They ended up speaking to someone higher up and resolved the issue by taking everyones name that was in line and promised them tickets. Not front row, but as you read earlier, third, not bad, I thought it was nice of the workers to take the initiative to help us out. thanks!!!

User: IUPBone
I'm an IUP student. I camped outsite the ticket office for 21 hours for 5th row seats. My first actual time seeing Dave live, and the stupid frat boys fought so loud that i couldn't hear (even in the 5th row) the first song. Other than those dumb people...the show was absolutely incredible.

User: jajohns8
My second D&T show. I wised up and avoided the scalpers this time! I had EXCELLENT seats for getting there without tix. I remember begging monk for a pick and getting one after the show. He gave me one of Tim's and Dave's...woo-hoo!

User: phlh69
Great show... too many drunk idiots screaming. Probably the last time Dave will come to IUP :(

User: pruss25
Best concert I've ever been to. The crowd was annoying, constantly yelling, but overall an unbelievable show. I camped out 3 nights for tickets and got 3rd row center. Best song was Warehouse, but Crash, IBYU, Stone, LIOG, Tripping Billies were also awesome.

User: torchingtime

User: Zebber
I must have been floored!! I don't remember much except Dave and Tim on an Auditorium floor surrounded by guitars!! Very cool!


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