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Dave Matthews Band
August 6, 2000
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA

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Show Reviews

User: bjressler
stone, back u up, 41, man it cant get much better, brother had the drum stick in his hand before he fell of the chair-haha, maybe next time.

User: carterbrettford
closest seats for a show

User: DavesTeneseLamb
My first show. The Gorge. What an experience.

User: Delsantos
Great Sunday show at the Gorge, very spiritual and uplifting with lots of jams.

User: dmbman
First DMB show, and it was awesome. I was 10th row and the show knocked me off my feet. Every song rocked the house, but woulda been cool to see something other than Watchtower encore thinking back on it, but it still rocked!

User: dmikeb
Great Show

User: Gorgejunkieohio
Some random perso9n just gave me a ticket for this day

User: lucascoug
great set list and mitch on guitar was sweet

User: maxbz
My first show. It was amazing. Watching the sun set on Columbia River while the band played was so great. That night was my first JTR, GIG, and Bartender, and as they played them it was clear these were really special songs--standing on the hill, while Dave screamed about dying and coming back to life was almost a spiritual experience. Truly epic. I was a little dissapointed by the opening of Seek Up, and then PNP into Rapunzel, because those are how both L@RR and LS begin--my only knowledge of them live, at that point--but The Stone came next, which blew me away. Lie In Our Graves was the first time I'd ever seen Boyd and Dave get in each other's faces like they do, and it was crazy: Dave had one leg out in front of him, so Boyd sort of straddled him, they got so close. The guy next to me said it best: "That's SO TIGHT!". The closer of Two Step was so freaking awesome--over 20 mintues, and a jam that turned into a jazz rhythm (Carter, Stefan, and Butch), before finally going back to the actual song. My friends and I decided that DMB is the closest music can come to sex, and when Two Step finally ended, we were spent.

User: petertoigo
First of many Dave Shows....First of many, need I say more. Couldn't of hooked me better with a hook and a line.

User: pphurley

User: themaker11
First Dave show ever. Went with my parents and sat all by myself in row 24. Going to be definitely coming in future years. I'm now a fan! Thanks, Dave!

User: watchtower83
first show, great set


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