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Dave Matthews
November 13, 2001
Virgin Megastore, London, Greater London

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Show Reviews

User: bartender_man
5 stars for getting to meet Dave. Went to the show the night before and got home super late. Slept in and nearly missed to Virgin Records for this free event. Barely got in as they closed off the door for anyone else to get in. Dave came out and played just a few songs, same ones as the night before except for Billies, which happened to be my first one which was a treat. Again-awesome experience like the night before as only several hundred people again. After the show, Dave stuck around and we all got to meet him. Was sureal, he signed my shirt and also mentioned that the Folsom Field show from earlier that summer was getting a release. Fun day.

User: Clrk502
Cool solo show. I remember Dave complaining he had a major hangover. Quite a short set, but pretty sweet nonetheless. Got my Chicago CD signed which is now framed on my wall.

User: dmbuk
Excellent show, got to chat to Dave and we spoke about South Africa.

User: Focaccino
Great to hear a few more songs that morning. Even if Dave felt like a "sack full of dead mice"... :) At least he signed my guitar!

User: matt4p
i met dave. how cool is that??

User: Matty#41
Awesome little gig, Dave was talking about drinking the night before--downing some pints and not feeling too great!! He did however sound good, and the skeptical UK media members that were there (probably never heard of Dave before this), were VERY impressed after the set. Got to chat with Dave for a bit after the show, funny...

User: S,S,FH
What an amazing show this was. A chance to see Dave live. For free! And in England of all places! Oh, and did i mention autograph session after the show! This show was a highlight of my Dave/DMB experiences.

User: stix
First time seeing Dave, after being obsessed over the previous two years. Got a coach down to London from Preston (over 200 miles to the north) to see this free gig. Dave was a little hungover and apparantly felt "like a sack-full of dead mice"! Played a great gig nevertheless, and then did a CD signing afterwards! My friends and I were near the back of the queue and had to wait a couple of hours to see him, and we were rushed when we finally got to the front. I got him to sign a CD and also I gave him a copy of my bands CD. He thanked me and SHOOK MY HAND!!! Afterwards I apparantly went white and had to have a sit down. Starstruck!


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