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Dave Matthews
October 25, 2001
Union Chapel, London, Greater London

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Show Reviews

User: Aussiej
Man, first time & all that.....it's been a long time coming and I can't believe I won 4 tickets on the BMG website....the only way to get a ticket! Attention all American audiences in an intimate setting (especially an old church in London) - do the rest of the audience a favour and save the hoots, cheers and whistles until the end of the songs. If I heard one more "You're the Man!" I would have......well I'm not a violent guy but hell you sure spoiled one special evening! Even Dave was embarassed for you. Dave - when you played Crush, there was only you, me & my wife in the room that night. Cheers mate and see you in Australia soon.

User: Focaccino
What a fantastic venue... managed to get free tickets through a random radio station.. a girl gave her tickets to my friends, but coudl have sold them otuside for several hundred pounds, mad! Have a rough copy of some songs on mp3 from this show, bit too much screaming etc for my liking though.. What a great show though, in that old chapel!

User: Fresh
One of the best shows I've been to.

User: Jimi Tang
Most incredible Dave solo acoustic show i've ever seen. I was about 3m away. Show started off with Dave eyeing out the sound engineer cause he hadn't even bothered tuning his Taylor..... Heard Grace is Gone for the first time and Where are you going. Paid a fortune for a ticket from a skalper but it was worth every penny. Greatest night of my life. Dave quote: 'Damn you guys gotta keep it down, you're scaring me!' Finished off the show with 'The Stone'. INCREDIBLE!

User: marching_ant
god, it was so fun to see him overseas... it blew the crowd of newbies away

User: matt4p
best venue ever!!! its a chuffing chapel!!

User: RBryski
Front Row Center, it was incredible. Absolutely amazing. Wish I could relive that experience all over again. Which is why I am online on this site. Totally great site.

User: Senilechile
Possibly the loudest crowd I have ever heard and with only about 500 people there! I recorded the show with A- Quality, but do not know how to put onto the computer :(


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