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Dave Matthews Band
February 27, 2001
Total Request Live, MTV Studios, New York, NY

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Show Reviews

User: DeliGal1
I am a lucky gal. I was on vacation with my cousin in NY. This was my last day in the city. My cousin's friend works for MTV. We were hanging out in his office at MTV and I thought it would be cool to be on TRL. Totally thought it would be some boy band but my sis and I had watched it all summer and I wanted to go on. Asked my cousin's friend who was on he said oh some band let me check. When he told me it was the Dave Matthews Band I fliped out, people in China could've heard my screams. Anyhoo to make a long story short he contacted the audience lady and she hooked my up with a gold mtv bracelete. People had been waiting for these bracelets since 6:00 in the morning, TRL tapes live at 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. Never in my life will I ever be that close to the band. I was a lucky girl that day!

User: Firedancer319
My best friend and I stood outside of the TRL studio waiting for Dave to come out after the show. When he finally came out we caught him on video tape. He was very nice to everyone who was swarming all over him as he got into his van. My best friend and I haven't been that close to him and I hope someday to meet him. I love NYC

User: gman41
There was only 50 people there...i was #41 there...how sick...only time ive been to a dave show sober...IT was an amazing day to cut school with my best friends...


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