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Dave finally sets the record straight about karaoke

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Band Member News on 6/23/18 6:36pm

Has Dave Matthews ever performed karaoke? He is a singer, after all, but has he actually ever gone up on stage and sang along to an instrumental track and read lyrics off a screen? Well, Dave has now set the record straight on his karaoke crooning.

Dan Patrick, on his syndicated radio program, has twice told tales of Dave singing karaoke. Both incidents happened during the filming of the Adam Sandler movie, Just Go With It - which also featured Patrick and Dave himself. The stories are similar in structure, only flipping around the small details. At an afterparty during filming, Dan - who played a karaoke host in the movie - jokingly introduced Dave as, according to story A. John Mayer and story B. David Schwimmer. Dave then proceeded to sing: story A - Super Freak by Rick James or story B - Wild Thing by Ton Loc. So which story is true? According to Dave, neither.

In the interview portion of the Dave Matthews Band's June 2018 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Dave told Jimmy that he never sang karaoke in his life. He recounted an amusing story where he went to a karaoke bar with Ryan Gosling, and Gosling belted out a tune. Dave respectfully declined to sing up on stage himself - after all, he does it for a living.

Depending on how you feel about Gosling's fame, he might be the second most famous "Ryan" to be a DMB fan. You may recall that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty big DMB fan and even sports a Firedancer tattoo on his leg. Really! As for Dave, karaoke might not be in his future, but he can sure sing some Trap Music (Gucci Gang is straight fire, yo).

So if you want to catch Dave singing, make sure you pick up a ticket and stay out of the karaoke bars.

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Dave to Debut New Song on Fallon

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in TV Appearances on 4/23/12 9:19pm

It seems that it's likely that we will hear a new song from Dave Matthews prior to the 2012 tour. According to a tweet from Jimmy Fallon, Dave will perform a "new song" on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon on April 24.

Before you blow a gasket (figuratively), let's put in to perspective what "new" means. New to Jimmy Fallon could be Sweet to us. Then again, it could be something totally new. But when you see Fallon say "beautiful song", it's not too much of a stretch to think Sweet. Then again, maybe it's not. Is that a contradictory enough paragraph? Good.

Check your local listings to find out what time Fallon is on in your area.

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Dave Appearing on Jimmy Fallon

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in TV Appearances on 4/20/12 9:44am

Dave Matthews, along with President Barack Obama, will both be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in a special broadcast. Time Magazine reports the President will make is premiere appearance on the talk show April 24, with Dave appearing as the musical guest. Fallon will tape his program from the University of North Carolina that evening.

In case you missed it in our satirical story about the idiot Yahoo writer, Dave will be performing in Seattle for a fundraiser for the President's reelection campaign, according to The Seattle Times, but it appears (as of now) that the Fallon appearance is not tied into a fund-raising performance.

But more importantly, what will Dave be playing? Let's see, there aren't any new songs out there, unless.. you don't think... maybe the new single? OMG!!! Let the speculation commence!

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