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Live Trax 16 - Available Now!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Live Releases on 9/16/09 6:30am

The time has finally arrived, you can now order Live Trax 16, as picked by us here at antsmarching.org, right this very instant. The digital download just a click away (you can order the CD version there too).

Fans are seemingly pleased, with some describing it as the "best mix ever". So don't take our words for it, trust those that have heard it already.

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Still Time To Pre-Order Live Trax 16

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Live Releases on 9/7/09 6:16pm

You still have time to Pre-Order Live Trax 16, 6.26.00 as picked by Antsmarching.org. In case you forgot, the show has one of the best and unique Grey Street's out there, and it's a stellar show from 2000, with the five main members of the band, before Butch and the "Lovely Ladies" joined the 2000 tour. If you pre-order prior to September 11 at 3 pm ET, you'll get your release by September 16.

Also, in case you haven't checked it out, there is a website tribute to LeRoi Moore. The Site features pictures of Roi, and songs featuring the Saxophone great, and there is an opportunity to leave your thoughts about Roi. There is also information about the LeRoi Moore Trust, which provides contributions to great charities, you can read more about it here.

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