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Pre-Order New Ants Shirts!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 10/12/12 4:58pm

We are pleased to announce a limited edition pre-order on our newest Antsmarching.org shirts; Keep Calm!

You can pre-order these shirts now by heading over to the Ants Store. The shirts will run you $15 plus $5 shipping (extra charges may apply on larger shirts, sorry) and are available in Red or Aqua Marine (or light blue if you don't like fancy names for things).

Just a word to the wise, our last 2 pre-orders ran out prior to the regular sale, so get your buy on and let everyone know Keep Calm And March On!

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Ants Shirts West Coast Bias Sale!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 8/13/12 9:22pm

There is nothing more consistent than the poor West Coast getting jobbed when it comes to a Dave Matthews Band tour, and we at Antsmarching.org aren't going to stand for it anymore! We have drastically reduced the prices on our ever-so-popular Antsmarching.org shirts! Take a Gander over to the Ants Store and see what we've got.

The sales price (and availability) will show up once you click the Add To Cart button. Big sales for you West Coasters! (actually, anyone can order and get the discount, so I guess the West Coast is getting a bit jobbed on that too). Regardless, if you order, your shirt will be there in time for the remainder of the Summer Tour! Hurry and order! Supplies are limited!
antsmarching.org Unisex Flower Shirts

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Even More Antsmarching.org Shirts

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 9/12/11 7:23am

The pre-order is over for the new run of Antsmarching.org shirts, but we still have plenty left! And we additionally have some of our original Flower shirts remaining as well! The original run of Flower shirts will be a first-come-first-serve basis due to the limited numbers and sizes we have left, so head on over to the Ants Store and get sum!

antsmarching.org Unisex Flower Shirts
The ladies Flower shirts have been lowered in price from their original way down to only $15! So if you are a lady, or you know a lady, or you've always wanted to talk to a lady, pick up an Ants shirt for that aforementioned lady! Act fast! Operators are standing by!

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Ants Podcast: Episode 30 and Caravan-o-Rama

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 6/22/11 7:17am

It took us long enough, but we finally got another podcast up and listenable for you! Head over to the podcast page and give it a listen!

Among the things we discuss is the upcoming Caravans. The Warehouse has provided a few more details about the first Caravan stop in Atlantic City, including this

map to give you a layout of the Caravan set up. If you are not going, surely you'll want to know everything that's going on there, right? Of course (it was rhetorical, so don't feel like you need to email me an answer). Antsmarching.org is going to do our best to provide that atmosphere to you. If you follow us on Twitter the members of Ants + will be tweeting all day long to provide the proper picture to you, the fan, not in AC for the shows. They will be tweeting pictures, commentary, and who-knows-what, so if you don't follow antsmarching.org yet on twitter, well, shame on you. Get on the band wagon and start following us!

In the mean time, if you want to get a feeling of what it looks like now, and how it's built, check out NBC40's look ahead at the set up for Atlantic City.

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Ants Podcast: Episode 29

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 12/29/10 5:23pm

Two of the three Admins were away, but that doesn't slow down the antsmarching.org podcast! Yours truly hosts Episode 29 with one of our moderators, Kevaroo. There was a lot to get to, besides the obligatory making fun of Joe and Matt for not being there. Give er a listen for the skinny on everything - and I mean everything - that happened in 2010!

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Updates to Tour Central

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 2/13/10 9:10am

For the past year plus, we have been working to update Tour Central, adding in more shows, more notes, and just about every tid bit you'd want to know from a show. Although tour central is in constant flux, this is a good time to revisit some of the notes associated with Tour Central.

First and foremost, a big huge thanks to Ants user ZackR! He has graciously donated his time and knowledge to facilitate us greatly in adding in notes, guests, and live releases. So when you see ZackR around, give him a shout-out. We'd also like to thank our friends at dmbalmanac.com. We are very fortunate to have a great working relationship with the folks over there, and we constantly share info to make sure both listings are as complete as possible They recently discovered a treasure trove of 1991 and early 1992 shows that were unknown, and we have added them in here too. Thanks again to the Almanac!

One of the new features here at Tour Central is a listing of all the songs officially released as part of compilations, and all the Live Trax shows and DMBLive shows. These are all easily located via our search function. To make life a bit easier, we've put together a user's guide to best utilize Tour Central. Check it out and find some old, interesting gems!

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Live Trax 16 - As Picked by Antsmarching.org

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Live Releases on 8/6/09 7:52pm

The latest Live Trax is ready to go, and it's one near and dear to our hearts. According to the Warehouse, Live Trax 16 is 6.26.00, and the staff at Antsmarching.org had a hand in picking it!

If you attended the Ants After-Party, you heard part of this show playing in the patio of Mono Loco. Among the gems are two versions of Little Thing, Sweet Up And Down, Say Goodbye, a Grey Street with all the verses, and a nice #40 into Digging A Ditch. Add in a sweet Bartender, and One Sweet World with the jam intro, and this is quite a show!

The Pre-order starts now, and the release is September 8. Click here to pre-order Live Trax 16!

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