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Special Rates at the PGA National for WPB Shows

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 6/8/15 1:48pm

The beautiful PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, FL has stepped up and is offering a fantastic deal for Dave Matthews Band fans around the West Palm Beach shows! Follow This Link to book rooms for the rate of $129 at our favorite hotel in the Sunshine State!

In the past, we have hosted official Ants Parties at this resort. Unfortunately, we won't be able to do that this year but it'll just like the wild times we had there before. Drink specials (they have the best Mojitos around!), food specials, and a live band. And all this right when the Summer DMB Tour is heating up. If you're looking to add a show or 2 and enjoy a fantastic hotel with a great pool, you're in luck, this is the spot!

Please note that the above link only works from PC's, not from phones/tablets. You can call 844-821-0028 to book and mention "Ants Marching." We'll update with the drink and food specials as we get em.

UPDATE: There are still a few rooms available if you want to make the WPB swing part of your tour schedule. Give em a call and take advantage of this great deal!

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The 2015 NCAA Tournament Picks Are In!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Columns on 3/15/15 8:37pm

As we do every year, we here at Antsmarching.org give you the winners for the NCAA tournament. And those that recall will tell you that yes, we have indeed given you the keys to the castle before and many an Ant has won their office pool with our assistance. We don't do this for financial gain; we're not here to make money, just to make friends. So without anymore lead in, follow this link to see who gets the pleasure of losing to Kentucky in the National Title game!

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New Ants Shirts for 2014 Pre-Order!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 4/3/14 7:06am

The latest design for our award-winning AntsMarching.org t-shirts is now available for Pre-Order! We're calling the shirts "Space Exploration" - with a deep black shirt and a bold yellow font; the kind of font you might find in space; like during a war betwixt stars or something.

The pre-order is now. If you're unfamiliar with the pre-order of Ants shirts, they generally ship about 2 weeks after the initial offering. The last "every time" we've done a pre-order we've sold out the supply so act quickly! The shirts are listed at a low introductory price of only $13! Shipping and handling separate. Get yours before they run out!

UPDATE: Last call! These went really quickly, we're carrying over the pre-order through the weekend and then shutting it down! Act fast!

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Pre-Order New Ants Shirts!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 10/12/12 4:58pm

We are pleased to announce a limited edition pre-order on our newest Antsmarching.org shirts; Keep Calm!

You can pre-order these shirts now by heading over to the Ants Store. The shirts will run you $15 plus $5 shipping (extra charges may apply on larger shirts, sorry) and are available in Red or Aqua Marine (or light blue if you don't like fancy names for things).

Just a word to the wise, our last 2 pre-orders ran out prior to the regular sale, so get your buy on and let everyone know Keep Calm And March On!

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Ants Shirts West Coast Bias Sale!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 8/13/12 9:22pm

There is nothing more consistent than the poor West Coast getting jobbed when it comes to a Dave Matthews Band tour, and we at Antsmarching.org aren't going to stand for it anymore! We have drastically reduced the prices on our ever-so-popular Antsmarching.org shirts! Take a Gander over to the Ants Store and see what we've got.

The sales price (and availability) will show up once you click the Add To Cart button. Big sales for you West Coasters! (actually, anyone can order and get the discount, so I guess the West Coast is getting a bit jobbed on that too). Regardless, if you order, your shirt will be there in time for the remainder of the Summer Tour! Hurry and order! Supplies are limited!
antsmarching.org Unisex Flower Shirts

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Pre-Tour Sale on Ants Shirts!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 5/2/12 10:15am

The Dave Matthews Band 2012 tour is "soon", and what better way to enjoy the shows than sporting an Antsmarching.org shirt! We are running a special "while supplies last" pre-tour sale, head on over to the Ants Store and see what we've got.

antsmarching.org Unisex Flower Shirts
Every shirt is discounted, including our light weight, made for summer shows, Performance Shirts (available in King & Railed style). Please note, the sale price is listed after you add your order to your cart.. Some shirts are as much as $5 off! Order a shirt or two! Stay cool during the hot summer show with a performance shirt. Pick up a size small for your kid or small primate. All orders will ship next day, so you will have your shirt before the tour, so hurry & order! Supplies are limited!

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Ants Podcast 31: There's an Album a Comin'

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 4/2/12 9:35am

Lost in the hyperbole over Antsmarching.org's conversion to a P-squared site was the fact we finally knocked out a podcast again! Head over to the Podcast Page and listen to Kevin, Joe, and myself kick-it old school about the new album, the tour, what songs should return, and thing never ever to bring to a show (like glowsticks).

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Which Shows Do You Think Are The Best?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 11/21/11 10:15pm

Remember a while back when we said that Atlantic City Night 3 was one of the highest rated shows of all time? Well, first, we meant summer tour only, but that's beside the point.

The rating system is available for every show listed in Tour Central, but let's face it, a lot of you haven't seen shows in the 1990's. What we did was to cull out the best shows, all receiving a rating of 4.7 or higher. As of this column, there are 16 shows that made the grade from 2000 through 2011. Did a show you attended make it? Have a look here and find out yourself!

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Even More Antsmarching.org Shirts

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 9/12/11 7:23am

The pre-order is over for the new run of Antsmarching.org shirts, but we still have plenty left! And we additionally have some of our original Flower shirts remaining as well! The original run of Flower shirts will be a first-come-first-serve basis due to the limited numbers and sizes we have left, so head on over to the Ants Store and get sum!

antsmarching.org Unisex Flower Shirts
The ladies Flower shirts have been lowered in price from their original way down to only $15! So if you are a lady, or you know a lady, or you've always wanted to talk to a lady, pick up an Ants shirt for that aforementioned lady! Act fast! Operators are standing by!

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All-New AntsMarching.org Shirts!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 8/18/11 9:44pm

They are back, and better than ever! Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to do another run of antsmarching.org shirts! We have two different designs this time, both approved by the members of ants+, who got a sneak peak at them a month ago.

This time around, we are offering the shirts in two different style. The unisex shirt that we offered previously, and in a performance shirt. If you don't feel like throwing "performance shirt" into google, it's one of those running shirts; designed to hold a little more sweat than the normal t-shirt. So it won't stick to you when it's hot and sticky outside.

The immediate order now is in the pre-order stage. What does that mean? It just means that they'll ship out "soon" rather than our usual immediate turnaround. Don't fret, when you see the designs, and the price, and the while-supplies-last gift, it will be worth the wait. And the price will go up after the pre-order period, so get your order-on!

So... How do you get a spiffy shirt like that? Take a yonder to the order page. Don't wait! Order today!

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Ants Podcast: Episode 30 and Caravan-o-Rama

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 6/22/11 7:17am

It took us long enough, but we finally got another podcast up and listenable for you! Head over to the podcast page and give it a listen!

Among the things we discuss is the upcoming Caravans. The Warehouse has provided a few more details about the first Caravan stop in Atlantic City, including this

map to give you a layout of the Caravan set up. If you are not going, surely you'll want to know everything that's going on there, right? Of course (it was rhetorical, so don't feel like you need to email me an answer). Antsmarching.org is going to do our best to provide that atmosphere to you. If you follow us on Twitter the members of Ants + will be tweeting all day long to provide the proper picture to you, the fan, not in AC for the shows. They will be tweeting pictures, commentary, and who-knows-what, so if you don't follow antsmarching.org yet on twitter, well, shame on you. Get on the band wagon and start following us!

In the mean time, if you want to get a feeling of what it looks like now, and how it's built, check out NBC40's look ahead at the set up for Atlantic City.

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Antsmarching.org Contest: Guess the Warehouse Disc

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 2/20/11 9:00am

The anticipation for the yearly Warehouse disc is high, as usual. We have decided to help focus that nervous energy of yours in the form of a guessing game. Guess what songs will be on the Warehouse 8 Disc.

The rules are pretty simple, to participate, you merely need to be a member of antsmarching.org, and pick the songs. The person who gets the most correct wins fabulous prizes! Here's the rules:

  • The Order doesn't matter. Just pick 8 different songs, and the person who gets the most correct wins.
  • Fill in the tiebreaker. The tiebreaker would be the total number of the last two digits of the year from the songs you pick. Whereas you only need to pick the songs by title in the drop-down picks, we want you to have an idea of which years those songs would come from. When you follow the link, you'll see an example if you're still confused. Closest to the tiebreaker will, believe it or not, break any ties if anyone ties in their picks for first.
  • Choose from the songs listed only. Yes, not 'every' song is listed, but don't fret, if it's not listed, it's not going to make the disc anyway (probably...). So forget about taking a flier on Weight of the World.

Follow this link to the contest, and best of luck to all that enter! Contest ends the second the announcement is made, and we're time stamping, so don't bother trying to cheat. We got mad detective skills.

  • UPDATE: Congratulations to Ants member Scanlan for successfully nailing 4/8 Warehouse songs, and missing the tiebreaker by a measly 2 points (or years). He guessed A Dream So Real, #40, Write A Song, and Kit Kat Jam correctly! He's won a slew of Ants swag among other luxurious prizes!

    Some superlatives from the contest: The most commonly picked song was The Last Stop, and the most commonly picked correct song was Lying In The Hands Of God. The least most commonly picked correct song was poor ole #40.

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Ants Podcast: Episode 29

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 12/29/10 5:23pm

Two of the three Admins were away, but that doesn't slow down the antsmarching.org podcast! Yours truly hosts Episode 29 with one of our moderators, Kevaroo. There was a lot to get to, besides the obligatory making fun of Joe and Matt for not being there. Give er a listen for the skinny on everything - and I mean everything - that happened in 2010!

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Ants/Mix 104.1 Pre-Party in Boston

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 11/9/10 6:30am

November 9th. Famous for the Remember Two Things album release party and the Mix 104.1/Antsmarching.org Pre-Party! If you're heading to the November 9th (that's today if you're reading this November 9th) Dave Matthews Band show in Boston, stop by The Greatest Bar and hang out with Cali of Mix 104.1 for DMB music, prizes (including some Ants Swag!), DMB videos playing throughout the bar, and an all-around great time!

If you need more info, check out the page at Mix 104.1! Don't miss out on this opportunity to throw down before the DMB show!

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Ants/Mix 104.1 Pre-Party in Boston Info

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 10/26/10 7:51pm

Don't forget, Beantown show attendees, the pre-party is on! Stop by The Greatest Bar and join DMB interviewer Cali as he hosts the Mix 104.1/Antsmarching.org pre-party November 9th! DMB Music, prizes, some Antsmarching.org swag, and more DMB fans than you can shake a stick at will be at The Greatest Bar in Boston.

Check out the page at Mix 104.1 for more info, and don't miss out on the event!

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Ants/Mix 104.1 Pre-Party in Boston

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 9/29/10 9:10pm

Antsmarching.org is partnering up with Mix 104.1 to host a pre-party in Boston November 9! The party will take place at The Greatest Bar in Boston, and will feature tons on giveaways; antsmarching.org swag, Dave Matthews Band CD's, tickets to that evening's show in Boston. Also, DMB DVD's will be playing on the big screens in the bar, and there will be music throughout the bar. DMB music, but you probably guessed that.

The whole shin-dig will be hosted by Cali, famous for his fantastic interviews with members of the band throughout the years. He'll be mixing in some DMB trivia, and general tom foolery to make the entire evening a blast. The event runs from 4p-7p, and is 21+ (sorry youngin's). You can also check the events page at Mix 104.1's website (scroll down to November 9). Keep checking back here and at Mix 104.1's site for more info!

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West Palm Beach Round Up and HullabaLOO Too

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 7/22/10 7:49pm

Less than a week before Antsmarching.org invades the beautiful PGA Resort and Spa for our third Official Ants After-Party. What better time to let everyone know what we'll have in store for you, and rub it in the faces of those that aren't showing up.

  • Drink Specials at the Pool - $6 Cuba Libre's Friday, the PGA National's world-famous Mojitos for $6 on Saturday (The Bacardi Girls will be there on Saturday also!), and $6 Bloody Mary's on Sunday for recovery purposes.
  • Exclusive Soundboard unreleased Dave Matthews Band show! As we did at our Charlottesville party in 2009, we will be playing an unreleased soundboard show at the pool on Saturday. The live show will start at noon-ish. Don't miss out!
  • Live Stream - We felt so bad for everyone not making it down to West Palm Beach, so we decided to stream live from the Pool and the parties. Just check out this link to watch the pool and party action.
  • The Big Ballroom! - We're moving the action out of the iBar for the 2010 party and into the ballroom! There will be 7 bars set up in the ballroom, so you can get your drink on! And don't forget the live acoustic duo that will be performing both nights! Ron Rotondo rocked the house two years ago, and now that he performs as an acoustic duo, he'll doubly rock the house!
  • Starr Hill Beer Will Be Flowing! We are pleased to announce that Starr Hill, the beer brewed in Charlottesville, VA, will be available at the PGA National! The Amber and Jomo Lager will be the featured beers (they are both awe$ome).
  • Plus we'll have Ants T-shirts, and other goodies and a few surprises!

So even if you're not staying at the PGA National this year (for shame...), make sure you take the trek out to Palm Beach Gardens, just a few short exits up the Turnpike from the Amphitheater, and come hang out with us after the show!

To hold you over til then, if you're not going to be in attendance for the HullabaLOO show, The entire three-day-festival will be webcast. DMB plays on Sunday, but you can check out any of the other acts Friday and Saturday here .

UPDATE: Seemingly, they're only showing five tracks from DMB on the webcast for HullabaLOO, so tune in now-ish (8:30 ET) if you want to have a shot at catching something.

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Eight Years, 200,000 Members

Posted by Matt Yette in Site News on 6/16/10 3:31pm

The look of Ants on Opening Day
January 9, 2002. That's the day AntsMarching.org officially opened its doors and saw over 1,000 members register. We were stunned. Over eight years later, we have seen our 200,000th member register; a number we never in a million years dreamed would be possible. We opened with the first searchable Dave Matthews Band setlist archive ever, which would become the basis for countless features that we would add over the years. Today that archive is known as Tour Central.

In our eight years of existence, we've seen the rise (and fall) of the SHN Server, BitTorrent Downloads, the Setlist Game, Mobile Setlists, Mobile News, the B&P Database, the Ants Podcast, the Song Tour, Personal Show Statistics, Ants Gallery, AntsLive, and most recently, apps for your cell phones that keep your finger on the pulse of DMB. We've had two hugely successful Ants After-Parties, and are in the process of planning the third this summer in West Palm Beach. We've also been through three major design transitions, completely rewriting the site from the ground up each time.

We are extremely excited and proud about this milestone, and thank you for being a part of it! Going forward, we promise to work hard and continue to bring the community innovative, exciting features as grow. Thank you all for being a vital part of the best community around!

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Are You Following Antsmarching On Twitter?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 6/2/10 7:25am

As you well know , Ants Live! has teamed with Twitter to make following along with the shows more fun. And the results are in: people love it!

  • @JonahSimon @antsmarching thanks for the updates! the commentary is nice
  • @NOLABigChief @antsmarching Nice coverage of the tour opener. I enjoyed your play by play commentary. Looking forward ton hearing more...
  • @MITCH2533 Dmb is gonna keep me company tonight at work. Well @antsmarching via tweets are going to keep me company
  • @CForrest @antsmarching your setlist tweeting is making me extremely jealous. You don't even know. Almost angry. I can't see DMB until 2012.
  • @SarahElizabeth6 love getting DMB updates from @antsmarching. makes me want to go to more shows!
  • @jasoncrowther checkout @antsmarching besides live dmb setlist info, this year they're putting up videos. sweet.
  • @halliebing @antsmarching youre killing me. im about to shoot myself in the foot for not being at the show last night and tonight.
  • @therealplaytoy @antsmarching I absolutely LOVE that u guys are providing commentary throughout the show. Thank u!!!
  • @reedsteele Following @antsmarching and @dmblive on Twitter is making me so excited for the 3 shows this summer.
  • @gamecocksblog So excited that it's Dave season again. Summer = here. Follow @antsmarching for an animated play-by-play.
  • @KingCotton @antsmarching love the twitter I will be all over it at my shows

You can help us out by providing some commentary at the shows you attend. Just follow that link above, and while at the show, let us know what's going on! 11,000+ Twitter users can't be wrong! We're counting on you!

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AntsLive: Now with more Twitter!

Posted by Matt Yette in Site News on 5/27/10 12:23pm

With the 2010 Tour kickoff right around the corner, we thought that it'd be a perfect time to remind you of one of the cooler new features here on AntsMarching.org: AntsLive, now integrated with Twitter! Instead of having to tweet pics, video, and text separately to AntsMarching.org, only to be viewed by Ants on the site, you can now link your Ants and Twitter accounts and your tweets during the show will be seen by all!

To link your Twitter account with Ants, simply follow the directions on this page. If you're attending a show, make sure to add it to your attendance list in Tour Central. If you're at a concert, we'll keep an eye on your tweets during the show and post them on AntsLive for everyone on Ants to see!

For the Ants members not attending a show, but still wanting to follow along, simply visit the Home page of Ants during a show, and you will see the live setlist at the top right of the screen. Click on the link for AntsLive, and a new window will open allowing you to follow along with the setlist and show attendees' tweets, live! We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable tour season. See you at the show!

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Antsmarching.org Shirts - just in time for the tour!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 5/24/10 9:08am

antsmarching.org Unisex Flower Shirts
Since the 2011 tour is, well, not, no time like 2010 to pick up that Antsmarching.org t-shirt!

We still have most shirts available, and with our super-fast turn-around, you'll have your shirt in plenty of time to wear to the DMB show of your choosing - even Hartford if you act fast! Stop by our store and pick up one or two!

And if you have any questions about sizes (all are available but we are running low on 2xl), or if you want to try and and talk your way into purchasing an antswolf shirt that we may or may not have left, use the contact info at the bottom of the store page.

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Updates to Tour Central

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 2/13/10 9:10am

For the past year plus, we have been working to update Tour Central, adding in more shows, more notes, and just about every tid bit you'd want to know from a show. Although tour central is in constant flux, this is a good time to revisit some of the notes associated with Tour Central.

First and foremost, a big huge thanks to Ants user ZackR! He has graciously donated his time and knowledge to facilitate us greatly in adding in notes, guests, and live releases. So when you see ZackR around, give him a shout-out. We'd also like to thank our friends at dmbalmanac.com. We are very fortunate to have a great working relationship with the folks over there, and we constantly share info to make sure both listings are as complete as possible They recently discovered a treasure trove of 1991 and early 1992 shows that were unknown, and we have added them in here too. Thanks again to the Almanac!

One of the new features here at Tour Central is a listing of all the songs officially released as part of compilations, and all the Live Trax shows and DMBLive shows. These are all easily located via our search function. To make life a bit easier, we've put together a user's guide to best utilize Tour Central. Check it out and find some old, interesting gems!

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AntsLive Gets Twitter Upgrade

Posted by Matt Yette in Site News on 2/1/10 1:17pm

AntsLive! provides Ants a way to share their concert experiences with the fanbase while the show is still going on. We have now expanded on the growing trend in social networking and tweaked AntsLive! to operate a little differently. Instead of texting in photos, videos, and text messages from the concert, all you have to do is tweet, and we'll take care of the rest!

With Twitter gaining so much in popularity, we decided to embrace the wave, rather than ask the fans to text experiences to a separate address. So many people are tweeting constantly during tailgates and the shows. With the new AntsLive!, once you link your Ants account to your Twitter name, AntsLive! will collect your tweets during the show and display them *live* during the concert on antsmarching.org [and other places, we hope. More on that "soon!"]

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Ants After-Party 2010: West Palm Beach

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 1/27/10 11:05pm

We're back. Returning to the original Antsmarching.org after-party spot, we are pleased to announce that ants is overtaking the beautiful PGA Resort and Spa July 30 and 31, in celebration of the Dave Matthews Band concerts at Cruzan Amphitheatre! But this time, the party will run all day!

In addition to a relaxing after-party with an acoustic duo, you'll be able to get your 'pool-on' at the PGA National pool, which fittingly has a bar right next to it. Drink specials will run all weekend long - Cuba Libre's on Friday, the famous Mojitos on Saturday, and Bloody Mary's for Sunday recoup time. There will be other specials and a few surprises we have in store, so keep checking back on the main page for updates.

The Antsmarching.org rate for rooms is $139. In order to secure that rate, you MUST CALL to book the reservation. The phone number to call is 561 627 2000. That number is available from 830a-500p (ET)`. Ask for the antsmarching rate to secure the $139 a night price. If you are arriving from out of the area and wish to stay an extra day, the rate is available on Thursday as well.

We'll see you at the party!

Update: The PGA rooms are now sold out. But the party's still on, and you're still invited!

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'Pizza Box' Release Party Giveaway

Posted by Matt Yette in Band Collaborators on 1/19/10 2:45pm

Pizza Box - Available Now
Danny Barnes' latest release 'Pizza Box' has finally hit the shelves, and in celebration of that fact, a release party is being held in New York City commemorating the event. Antsmarching.org was lucky enough to receive two guest passes for this invite-only event, and Ants+ member BigEyedFish416 (Mike) has scored the set!

For those who aren't yet familiar with 'Pizza Box', it is a must-have for any music lover, and DMB fans will also enjoy the fact that Dave Matthews himself shows up on a few tracks. You can hear more about 'Pizza Box' from our interview with Danny. Congratulations Mike!

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Xmas Sale For Antsmarching Shirts

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 12/1/09 10:18pm

antsmarching.org Unisex Flower Shirts
In honor of the Holiday season, we at antsmarching.org have lowered the price on our shirt that most resembles Christmas colors; the Independence Red. The unisex shirt is now on sale for $7! But act fast, because Christmas is right around the corner, and we can't keep it at that low low price forever. At least til Kwanzaa; maybe Boxing Day. That shirt, or any of the antsmarching.org shirts, will make the perfect holiday gift for the distinguished Dave Matthews Band fan.

Stop by our store and order one of the special holiday priced Independence Red shirts today!

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OMG!! It's the Antswolf Shirt!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 10/18/09 9:22pm

antsmarching.org Antswolf Shirt
Oh yes. That day has finally arrived. The Antswolf shirt is here! The much anticipated Antswolf shirt, as seen in podcasts, and random locations in the greater Orlando, Seattle, and Columbus areas respectively, is ready for pre-order to all ants so they can feel the awesome.

These shirts will sell out very fast, that's why we're doing these as "pre-order" only. So if you want to Get Sum, you better Get Sum quick! Check out the Antswolf shirt page and get your awesome on with the antswolf shirt!

And of course, you can still order our regular Ants shirts, which are pretty awesome themselves.

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Antsmarching.org T-Shirts Now Available!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Site News on 9/22/09 9:18am

antsmarching.org Mens Flower Shirts
The eagerly anticipated Antsmarching.org T-shirts are now available for order! We have two different styles to offer, our Flower shirt (pictured here), available in men's and women's styles, and our antsmarching.org logo, in men's available in black and white.

We anticipate offering more designs as well, based on feedback we've received from our focus groups. But not every shirt will be available all the time, so get on the bandwagon, get the antsmarching.org t-shirt! Follow the link here to place your order!

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Live Trax 16 - Available Now!

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Live Releases on 9/16/09 6:30am

The time has finally arrived, you can now order Live Trax 16, as picked by us here at antsmarching.org, right this very instant. The digital download just a click away (you can order the CD version there too).

Fans are seemingly pleased, with some describing it as the "best mix ever". So don't take our words for it, trust those that have heard it already.

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Still Time To Pre-Order Live Trax 16

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Live Releases on 9/7/09 6:16pm

You still have time to Pre-Order Live Trax 16, 6.26.00 as picked by Antsmarching.org. In case you forgot, the show has one of the best and unique Grey Street's out there, and it's a stellar show from 2000, with the five main members of the band, before Butch and the "Lovely Ladies" joined the 2000 tour. If you pre-order prior to September 11 at 3 pm ET, you'll get your release by September 16.

Also, in case you haven't checked it out, there is a website tribute to LeRoi Moore. The Site features pictures of Roi, and songs featuring the Saxophone great, and there is an opportunity to leave your thoughts about Roi. There is also information about the LeRoi Moore Trust, which provides contributions to great charities, you can read more about it here.

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Live Trax 16 - As Picked by Antsmarching.org

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Live Releases on 8/6/09 7:52pm

The latest Live Trax is ready to go, and it's one near and dear to our hearts. According to the Warehouse, Live Trax 16 is 6.26.00, and the staff at Antsmarching.org had a hand in picking it!

If you attended the Ants After-Party, you heard part of this show playing in the patio of Mono Loco. Among the gems are two versions of Little Thing, Sweet Up And Down, Say Goodbye, a Grey Street with all the verses, and a nice #40 into Digging A Ditch. Add in a sweet Bartender, and One Sweet World with the jam intro, and this is quite a show!

The Pre-order starts now, and the release is September 8. Click here to pre-order Live Trax 16!

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Drink Specials, A Band, for After-Concert Gathering at PGA

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 8/2/09 4:56pm

The good people at the PGA National Resort and Spa have set us up again, not only with a beautiful hotel, but a band and drink specials! The Bacardi Girls will be at the pool from noon til 4pm, with drink specials on Mojitos all day! And if this will be your first experience at the PGA, they make a mean Mojito. Also, both nights, a band will be performing - beginning at midnight after each show - in the bar! So you'll be able to keep the party going into the evening. And even though this isn't an "official ants party" (because Matt and Joe can't make it down to the shows), we'll have a few giveaways for people anyway.

So if you haven't decided on stopping by the PGA, what are you waiting for? We'll see you at the pool on Saturday!

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Live From The Ville

Posted by Matt Yette in Tour News on 4/17/09 10:14am

Charlottesville (The Ville) is buzzing with excitement as thousands of Dave Matthews Band fans converge on the town this weekend. As if the concerts aren't enough, Mono Loco, Starr Hill and AntsMarching.org are making the final preparations for what promises to be a memorable after party. Music channel Fuse will be filming during the party, for an upcoming documentary on the band's forthcoming album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. The guest list has ballooned to over 1,100 guests, and if the word around town is any indication, it could get even bigger.

The party kicks off immediately following the show tonight. We will be streaming the party live via ustream.tv, as you can see to the left, so if you can't make it, you can still "stick your head in" and say hello!

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Dave Matthews Band Spring Tour Kicks Off

Posted by Matt Yette in Tour News on 4/13/09 2:02pm

What might be the most anticipated Dave Matthews Band tour in years kicks off tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The 17-show jaunt kicks off simultaneously with the radio release of the first single off of Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, Funny the Way It Is. Tour time is the busiest time of the year for AntsMarching.org, and this time around is no different.

The most hyped part of the tour so far has to be the Official AntsMarching.org DMB After Party after the Friday Night Show in the band's hometown of Charlottesville, VA. If you haven't signed up yet for the party, please RSVP and let us know you're coming! Thanks to The Warehouse, we will be giving away lots of great prizes, including a ticket for an autographed copy of Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, signed by Dave Matthews himself!

As is now tradition, we are again hosting The Setlist Game for the 2009 Spring Tour, with an opportunity to win the entire tour on CD for the person who proves to be the most accurate in guessing the tour's setlists. Taper recordings will be available in our Downloads Area for those who wish to download and listen to the shows. AntsLive! will again be up and running this tour, allowing anyone to send in pictures, texts and video live from the concert, for anyone watching the setlist to view. Be the first to post a live clip of the new songs with AntsLive! And speaking of live, if you don't already follow AntsMarching on Twitter, you should definitely take the time to do just that, and receive live updates from the shows as they happen. To follow along with the live setlist on Twitter, follow us @dmblive. You can even set up your twitter account to receive @dmblive tweets on your phone as they come in, so in effect you can receive the setlist on your cell phone, right as it happens! Of course, you can still sign up to receive the entire setlist on your cell phone after the show ends with our Mobile Setlists feature. And make sure to stay current with all DMB news with Mobile News.

If you're hitting any shows this tour, we wish you a safe and enjoyable time! Please be responsible when partying before/during/after the shows, and best of all enjoy what will be the very first performances of tracks from the upcoming Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King! After you come home from the show, head on over to Tour Central and enter your review in on your show's page. Don't forget to scan in your ticket stubs (and if you can get one, a band setlist) and upload them on your show's page as well. And as always, pictures of tailgating, partying, and the show are encouraged, so send those along too!

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Hotel Deal for West Palm Beach DMB Shows

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News on 3/17/09 1:18pm

For those of you going to the fun-in-the-sun shows in West Palm Beach this summer, we've got a deal for you. Our friends at PGA National Resort and Spa are making available a special rate for Ants; $99 a night! You may recall, we had our first antsmarching.org after-party at the location (check out the pix to see how sweet the hotel is) in 2008. While we haven't officially declared a party at the PGA this time around, with enough Ants at the location, we will certainly end up doing 'something'.

In order to get this special rate, you MUST CALL to book the reservation. The phone number to call is 561 627 2000. That number is available from 830a-430p (ET). Ask for the antsmarching rate to secure the $99 a nite price.

  • Just a reminder, the West Palm Beach shows are a little over a month away, and the PGA Resort and Spa deal still has a few deals left. We're going to have some drink specials at the pool, and some live entertainment as well for your listening pleasures for after the show in their spacious lounge. So if you're still undecided on the WPB shows, what are you waiting for? Call the PGA at the number listed above during business hours and we'll see you there!

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    Happy Birthday Ants Marching... Allegedly

    Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Columns on 10/22/08 11:04am

    Remember where you were on October 22, 1991? It was a Tuesday, if that helps. Were you sitting in some college classroom, wondering why you took Intro To Religion and how you'd plot your revenge against that girl that told you it was an easy class? Or were you in grade school, wondering if NKOTB would some day make a comeback? Or maybe you were just a twinkle in your father's eye then still.

    Or maybe you went to that little bar near the railroad tracks in Charlottesville called, you guessed it, Trax. It was October 22, 1991 when the first incarnation of Ants Marching debuted... allegedly. Not familiar with the secret history of Ants Marching? Have a gander here, and find out which "Direction" the song almost took.

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