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Ants Podcast 93: Return to Club Wasted

Posted by Matt Yette in Podcasts at 5:54pm on Tuesday, Jul 3rd, 2018

It's been a couple weeks since our last podcast, and before you know it DMB has played 10 new shows and a Dave and Tim show. Too much to go in depth on each one of the shows, but we are now about halfway through the Summer Tour (22 of the 47) so we can make some tour generalizations. We explain what a song's Tour Rarity is, what it highlights, and brainstorm theories on the 2018 rarity. Also, a look into the new SiriusXM DMB Radio, and a quick Setlist Game standings review with some surprises.

While Apple's built in Podcast app is a great app for listening to the Ants Podcast, an alternative that some might enjoy has emerged: Overcast. Overcast is a great, free podcast app that has gained a lot of popularity since its release. If you're looking for another app for your Ants Podcast fix, give it a try!

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Dave Matthews Band to Launch Limited-Run SiriusXM Channel

Posted by Matt Yette in Band Brand at 8:10am on Monday, Jun 25th, 2018

The rumors were true. The rumblings heard in the parking lots at Camden thanks to the SiriusXM producers interviewing fans has borne fruit. Dave Matthews Band Radio will launch on SiriusXM channel 3 on Monday, July 2 at noon ET. The channel will be a month-long limited run partnership between the band and the satellite radio outfit, now boasting over 32 million subscribers.

The announcement was made during another SiriusXM event; Dave's interview with Howard Stern this morning. Per the press release, the channel will include "songs, demo tracks and musical influences." The latter two might cause you to pull that classic Dave Matthews eyebrow; just how behind-the-scenes this material gets will be interesting to learn.

In addition to the aforementioned content, the channel will also play host to the DMB Friday Night Concert Series. Each Friday night during the channel's limited run, the channel will air a live concert. Looking at the DMB Summer Tour 2018 Calendar, that means that Deer Creek N1, SPAC N1, Raleigh, NC, and WPB N1 will all be live streamed to Dave Matthews Band Radio.

Per the press release, the band stated, “We are thrilled to partner with SiriusXM again to bring our fans a full month of non-stop Dave Matthews Band music. We are especially excited to have the opportunity to broadcast four concerts from our current tour to SiriusXM subscribers.” Steve Blatter, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Programming for SiriusXM, said "We are proud to join forces with one of music’s most prolific performing artists to create Dave Matthews Band Radio. The limited-run channel wouldn’t be complete without lots of live concert performances and we’re excited to bring DMB fans across North America a live concert from the band every Friday night in July.” SiriusXM’s Dave Matthews Band Radio begins on Monday, July 2 at noon ET via satellite on channel 3 and through the SiriusXM app on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at SiriusXM.com.
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Dave finally sets the record straight about karaoke

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Band Member News at 7:03pm on Saturday, Jun 23rd, 2018

Has Dave Matthews ever performed karaoke? He is a singer, after all, but has he actually ever gone up on stage and sang along to an instrumental track and read lyrics off a screen? Well, Dave has now set the record straight on his karaoke crooning.

Dan Patrick, on his syndicated radio program, has twice told tales of Dave singing karaoke. Both incidents happened during the filming of the Adam Sandler movie, Just Go With It - which also featured Patrick and Dave himself. The stories are similar in structure, only flipping around the small details. At an afterparty during filming, Dan - who played a karaoke host in the movie - jokingly introduced Dave as, according to story A. John Mayer and story B. David Schwimmer. Dave then proceeded to sing: story A - Super Freak by Rick James or story B - Wild Thing by Ton Loc. So which story is true? According to Dave, neither.

In the interview portion of the Dave Matthews Band's June 2018 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Dave told Jimmy that he never sang karaoke in his life. He recounted an amusing story where he went to a karaoke bar with Ryan Gosling, and Gosling belted out a tune. Dave respectfully declined to sing up on stage himself - after all, he does it for a living.

Depending on how you feel about Gosling's fame, he might be the second most famous "Ryan" to be a DMB fan. You may recall that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty big DMB fan and even sports a Firedancer tattoo on his leg. Really! As for Dave, karaoke might not be in his future, but he can sure sing some Trap Music (Gucci Gang is straight fire, yo).

So if you want to catch Dave singing, make sure you pick up a ticket and stay out of the karaoke bars.
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Howard Stern to interview Dave, and possible DMB-SiriusXM partnership

Posted by Joe M in Radio Appearances at 2:24pm on Saturday, Jun 23rd, 2018

If you've been following last few weeks, there's been quite a bit of SiriusXM activity around Come Tomorrow, and that leads credence to partnership rumblings we've heard. Let's start with the latest announcement and upcoming interview, Dave Matthews will be on the Stern Show this Monday at 9am. Can't say we ever thought this would happen, because after all these years it hasn't historically. Just two years ago the show did interviews with Camden DMB tailgaters and selected the most unglamorous parts to broadcast (more later on some similar recent activity.) This appearance will be a first, and a bit surprising given that Howard hasn't had too many positive things to say about DM/DMB in the past. Arguably one of the best interviewers in the game, Howard has a way of getting his guests to open up in ways you'd expect from a private conversation, yet far from the case. Tune into Howard 100 on Sirius XM this Monday 9am.

In addition to the upcoming Howard appearance, on the Come Tomorrow release date at midnight SiriusXM broadcasted a produced piece that played through the new album tracks with commentary by Dave prior to each. It offered early insight and context to Come Tomorrow and was an exclusive to SiriusXM.

And then just recently, a 17 minute interview on SiriusXM Volume, the talk channel about music. You can listen to it here, where Dave discusses (in longest form we've seen to date) how the new album came together. It offers insight into the album progress over the last 6 years, the repeated start/stop of Dave's writing momentum, and confirmation of previous Batson comments that Can't Stop was the start and sound anchor of album.

Amongst all the SiriusXM activity, there have been rumblings that SiriusXM may be adding a Dave Matthews Band channel to it's lineup. And this past weekend SiriusXM producers were in the Camden tailgating lots recording fan interviews. But was this for another Stern Show bit similar to 2014, or actually for a new DMB channel as positioned? The idea of a new DMB channel isn't that far fetched, and maybe a more appropriate question is “For how long?”. SiriusXM first did a week long DMB channel in 2009 following the release of Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King. And then again in 2012 with the release of Away From The World, but for a full month that time, and even live broadcasted Night 2 from the Gorge. If the trend of more DMB content with each return were to continue this time around, it's fun to imagine what the latest Dave Matthews Band Radio could bring. (Is it too much to ask for B-sides?) Maybe we'll hear more Monday during Howard's interview, because while it may be an open debate if he is the "King of All Media" it's without question that he is the "King of SiriusXM".

Dave Matthews Band Set for The Tonight Show on 6/21

Posted by Sean Balogh in TV Appearances at 9:32am on Thursday, Jun 14th, 2018

With Come Tomorrow probably debuting at #1 (it's #1 on the iTunes charts, which doesn't include any of the pre-orders from ticket sales), Dave Matthews Band looks likely to continue its streak of consecutive albums to debut at #1. This one breaks the three way tie for second place between them, Kanye, and Eminem. It appears the next logical step would be to celebrate that achievement on national television, so go ahead and set your DVR's to record The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon next Thursday, June 21st. The band is scheduled for a performance (our bets are on Samurai Cop featuring) in addition to Dave being booked for an interview with Fallon.

DMB to Stream 6.16.18 Show Live on YouTube

Posted by Sean Balogh in Tour News at 10:07am on Wednesday, Jun 13th, 2018

If you could fly at the speed of light you could get to Canis Major in about 5,000 years, Betelgeuse in about about 600 years, or assuming you’re anywhere on earth, Camden, New Jersey in under .15 seconds. Since Elon Musk hasn’t made that technology public yet, we guess we’ll have to settle for YouTube’s ability to transmit video at nearly the speed of light.

This Saturday, June 16th, Dave Matthews Band will stream their concert from BB&T Pavilion live at the newly-registered dmblivestream.com. While the band did play their last album in its entirety shortly after release on November 30, 2012, it’s never happened before or since, so we'd say the chances are slim of it happening again. However, since it’s being advertised as “Celebrating the new album Come Tomorrow," once could reasonably expect the debut of the two as-yet-unplayed songs, When I'm Weary and Come On Come On. To make things even easier, go to the livestream page now and click that little “set reminder” button to remind you of the 8pm Eastern event.

The recent registration of dmblivestream.com (it was literally registered yesterday, the same day the announcement email was sent) could simply be a one-off for this album-celebrating streaming event. It could also signify the start of a larger effort by the band to get ahead of the Periscopers that are now a staple at live shows.
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Ants Podcast 92: The Come Tomorrow Review

Posted by Matt Yette in Podcasts at 6:58pm on Sunday, Jun 10th, 2018

We've now had three days to marinate in the release of Come Tomorrow, and Matt & Joe break it down track by track in an epic episode of the Ants Podcast. It's not actually our longest podcast ever, but it sure is close, tipping the scales at two hours and thirteen minutes. And we tried to be brief! Catch up on the latest four shows on the DMB Summer Tour, and shout your vocal cords sore agreeing and/or disagreeing with our opinions on the album. Opinions, we all got em, eh?

While Apple's built in Podcast app is a great app for listening to the Ants Podcast, an alternative that some might enjoy has emerged: Overcast. Overcast is a great, free podcast app that has gained a lot of popularity since its release. If you're looking for another app for your Ants Podcast fix, give it a try!

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Ants Podcast 91: It's That Time Again and Again

Posted by Matt Yette in Podcasts at 7:20pm on Monday, Jun 4th, 2018

In our new album penultimate podcast, we discuss the latest song drop of Again and Again (ed: Bob Law), along with the album track times and the last 5 live shows. We take a data driven look at each of the topics and in each case it tells us something different than the general feel. Do you agree with the data or the feel? Plus a lightning-round recap of the setlist game results. Give it a listen and then join us this Sunday night for a LIVE podcast discussion on the new album.

While Apple's built in Podcast app is a great app for listening to the Ants Podcast, an alternative that some might enjoy has emerged: Overcast. Overcast is a great, free podcast app that has gained a lot of popularity since its release. If you're looking for another app for your Ants Podcast fix, give it a try!

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Ants Podcast 90: Summer Time = DMB Time

Posted by Matt Yette in Podcasts at 7:46am on Friday, May 25th, 2018

We need to crack open some white-wine-with-fizz-in-a-can to celebrate all the good stuff in this episode! We dream during the offseason of weeks like these jammed with DMB happenings. We have to recap and review the first 3 shows of the summer tour. New song debuts: 3 live, 1 early album release. Plus we discuss the latest band member changes and interviews. Did your username get highlighted during setlist game recap? And a major DMB Hub release. Whew!

While Apple's built in Podcast app is a great app for listening to the Ants Podcast, an alternative that some might enjoy has emerged: Overcast. Overcast is a great, free podcast app that has gained a lot of popularity since its release. If you're looking for another app for your Ants Podcast fix, give it a try!

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Reports: Boyd Tinsley no longer a member of Dave Matthews Band [Updated]

Posted by Matt Yette in Band Member News at 8:37am on Friday, May 18th, 2018

On what was once looked forward to as a yearly celebration, the eve of Dave Matthews Band's summer tour kickoff, a rather sobering bit of news grabbed the headlines and forced us to split our attention.

On Thursday afternoon, pop culture website Consequence of Sound published a story detailing a lawsuit that had been filed in Washington state on May 17th against Boyd Tinsley. The article goes into detail regarding the allegations contained in the lawsuit, filed by James Frost-Winn, a former trumpet player in Tinsley's band Crystal Garden. AntsMarching.org has chosen not to relay those details, as they can be found and read easily elsewhere, and as they are contained in ongoing litigation, they are as yet unproven.

Speculation about the details behind Tinsley's break from the band ran wild after he announced the night before their pre-Super Bowl show that he would be stepping away from the band for an indeterminate amount of time. Ultimately, the band (and by extension, it's PR arm) have remained silent regarding Tinsley's status, or how it would impact the upcoming tour. As recently as Wednesday, the band tweeted from their social media account, "Please join us in wishing Boyd Tinsley a Happy Birthday!" The lone word regarding the situation seemed to come as a response to the Consequence of Sound article, which quotes "a representative for Dave Matthews Band" as stating the following: "Boyd has been a member of the family since the band began and we want him to focus on his health and get better. We support his decision to do this and we’re sending positive thoughts his way." Things would take a turn just hours later. See below for an update - Ed. note

Late into the evening, multiple sites such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, People and Relix began reporting that another statement by the band had been released, this time with a different tone: "Though Boyd is no longer a member of the band, we are shocked by these disturbing allegations and we were not previously aware of them," the statement said. Parsing that statement, it's not too difficult to see that the band is clearly distancing itself from Tinsley, both past and present. What this changes in the dynamic of the band versus where things were on February 2nd are unclear. The facts that matter as far as the tour go remain the same; Boyd Tinsley will not be joining the band on tour this summer. It now sounds like he may never rejoin. We have reached out to the band for comment and will update this story if necessary.

Updated 5/20/18 at 7:50am PST: In the third paragraph, we pointed out the apparent dichotomy between two statements that the reader is led to believe were made just moments apart. Since then, Ants has learned that the original statement by the band's PR firm was in response to a generic question about Tinsley's status with the band, prior to the news breaking about the lawsuit. Consequence of Sound posed this question without context and thus were given the canned response. CoS's article doesn't make this distinction, and instead allows the reader to believe that both statements were made in the context of the lawsuit details.

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