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Planning to stream Walk Around The Moon, pause and consider this

Posted by Joe M in Album News at 6:25pm on Monday, Apr 24th, 2023

The new Dave Matthews Band - Walk Around The Moon studio album will be released just a few weeks from now on Friday May 19th (also the day the US Summer Tour kicks off in Woodlands, TX.) And considering over 60% of homes have a streaming music subscription (and even more if you include ad-supported streaming) chances are you’re planning to stream the new album when it’s released. But before you do, give this some consideration: your vote for future DMB studio albums.

How much music do you stream? Across how many artists does that cover? Do you value all those artists equally? Is DMB in the same standing as [insert band that randomly appears in a daily playlist here, or default to OneRepublic]? Should all things be equal? Well they pretty much are if you only plan on streaming the album. If you get to cast a vote on future DMB studio albums that vote is now with this album, not down the road.

The most important factors for future music and possibly a studio album are the bands level of creativity and ambition, both of those are hard for anyone to foresee. However there is one thing that can kindle and influence the future: the commercial success of most recent work, both as validation and encouragement.

At this point, are studio albums important/needed? Note: Not asking if ‘new music’ is important, but specifically studio recordings. This band very easily could still be creative and ambitious with new music, perform and record the live performance, and then make it available for similar wide consumption as an album. None of that is that new, and to that point, 7 of the 12 tracks on Walk Around the Moon had been played live prior to the official album announcement on January 24, 2023, and now 8 have been played following Monsters performance in February. (And Break Free has been played going back to 2006.) So does studio album/recordings at this point warrant the bands time/money/effort if we don’t consume it any differently than live content? Said another way, is this studio album changing your buying habit or not? (ELI5: Are you buying the album?). If not, then maybe it’s worth considering how much you value studio work, and if you want to make a ‘vote’ for the possibility of future studio work. (Plus get some cool album art and/or extras, while at it.)

So, if you haven’t yet and would like to vote (aka buying/owning), we compiled a cheat sheet of options to compare that may not have all been previously spelled out.

To start, vinyl is where all the love is. No joke, last year for the first time since 1987 that more vinyl were sold than CD’s in the US. (That’s before some of you were born, but also let’s not age ourselves on that.) DMB is all over this vinyl trend/direction. The new album is available in 8 (yes 8) versions. (side note: Remember the days when we clamored and wished for any kind of vinyl, and now we have 8 for a single album. Wild.) And vinyl is also the gatekeeper to the “extras”. Particularly the 180g Vinyl which includes printed inner sleeve, a 12 page booklet with exclusive (extra) photos, and 12” x 12” numbered Art Card (presumably the collage of all band members done by Dave Matthews, using photos by Aaron Farrington.) The other vinyl's look to include an 8 page 12” x 12” booklet, and the CD version of the album with the same/similar booklet just in a smaller format.

Here’s details on the (8) different choices of vinyl (with links):
If someone gets all 8 of these, please take a photo of them together, we’d love to see it! (preferably opened to see the discs, but beggars can't be choosers.) This would run you about ~$240 to get the complete set (plus some shipping costs, at least from the official site.) Before you scoff at that being crazy, we’ve seen single posters go for more than that, so not so far fetched.

Outside of vinyl (with links):
The band didn’t pitch us with an incentive to pre-order this time around, but why wait. If you’re planning to buy, might as well help support the band you enjoy on mission to extend their record and have an 8th consecutive studio album to debut at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200. (For more on that read our article DMB New Studio Album Details Revealed.) Count down to happy streaming listening.



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