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DMB New Studio Album Details Revealed

Posted by Joe M in Album News at 9:54pm on Thursday, Jan 19th, 2023

This time it's not a drill, but 'walk' don't run.  On the day that the Ants discussion thread on 'New Album coming soon?' hit over 1.6 million views and 23,000 posts (over the course of 28 months of desperation that is), things are getting real.  The wait has been long since DMB's last studio release (55 months. Should we admit we count?) But we have some new details about (what appears to be) an impending new DMB studio album announcement.  Thanks goes to the dedicated fanbase for sourcing these details (they know who they are, but also don't desire the wrong spotlight, if you know what I mean.)  DMB's next studio album will be titled Walk Around The Moon.  That will sound familiar to most, but if you're not maniacal with the DMB catalog it's the title of a song the band debuted live in 2021 and has played the last two years, and if you've been following along with us as we reported the progress over the last couple years on development of a new album, you'll recall Walk Around The Moon was "the song" that spurred Dave to get the band together to record (check out previous news coverage for more details/history.) 

Besides the name of the new album, we also have details about what format it will be available in, one of which is Vinyl (!!! Picture Jonah Hill Excited Hands GIF Here !!!).  And not just one type, how about a Black version, a Lavender version (shout out Taylor Swift?), a White version (but that one will be exclusive to Warehouse members), and a 180-gram version (that's the heavier vinyl version, get your head out of the gutter.)  There will also be a CD (yay artwork!!), and a digital download (is that what people did before streaming?)  There's a lot of other details speculated at this point, which you can head over to the previously mentioned discussion thread if you wish to participate, but it would appear official news of the album will be on its way to you very shortly, along with an announcement of 2023 summer tour dates.  (Yes, we haven't taken a moment to comment, but tour date rumors are in full swing with a lot of gravity behind them.  Head over to the tour forum for the 2023 summer tour rumors thread if you want the latest.) 

There is some speculation of when the album will be available, which we don't know quite yet.  But with the band having a chance to have an 8th consecutive studio album to debut at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200, there should be some consideration on the details.  DMB currently holds the record for the band with the most consecutive #1 studio album debuts at a total of 7. (A stat that dedicated DMB fans, and marketing execs, hold on to probably more than the band much cares about.)  An 8th would further DMB's lead over Metallica (who has 6 consecutive #1 debut studio albums).  (You may want to note the reference to the keyword of "band" with the most consecutive, because non-"band" artists Kanye West and Eminem have 10, and Taylor Swift (lavender reference!) leads with 11.  (How about #carters-version releases? just saying.)  

Now, how Billboard #1 is calculated these days has changed significantly, even just over the 5 years since Come Tomorrow.  They tally using a multi-metric consumption called album equivalents (which one album equivalent unit equals "one album sale, or 10 individual tracks sold from an album, or 3,750 ad-supported or 1,250 paid/subscription on-demand official audio and video streams generated by songs from an album.")  (whew, say all that without a breath.)  At the moment, the #1 on the Billboard 200 has a metric of 125,000 album equivalents, as a rough idea of what it will take.  (Come Tomorrow debuted with 292,000 album-equivalent units in 2018 methods.)  So if you want to support this effort for an 8th debut at #1, get ready to buy the CD (artwork!), vinyl, and get to streaming!  (Oh, and don't forget to "Sleepify" the album.  Ya know, before you go to bed stream the album on repeat, but turn your audio all the way down so it can run all night and rack up the streams.  That wouldn't be cooking the books would it?  People wouldn't actually do that would they?  [Note: Actually yea they would. A Michigan-based band actually made $20k from fans streaming their album while they slept.)  For all your efforts, Billboard tracks weeks starting Friday to Thursday, so if there's any interest to maximize an attempt at an 8th consecutive studio album debut, the rocket scientists have calculated a Friday in the future would be an ideal official release date. 

We'll leave it at that for now.  As mentioned, you can follow further details in the discussion thread, view the rumored tour dates in the tour discussion, and catch up on the history of the album and new songs in our previous news postings.  Look forward to covering further details with you all in the near future. 



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