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Tour Prep and Playlist: Freshen Up 2022

Posted by Joe M in Tour News at 9:30am on Friday, Apr 29th, 2022

Tour Time is here! And we want to make sure you are prepared before you walk through the venue gates, and also share ways to stay current to the tour as it progresses. To start, we wanted to offer something a bit different than we have in the past to Freshen Up.  Let's be honest if you're here then you're in it for the 'deep tracks only'.  Instead of (or in addition to) warming up with the "staple" songs (or 'yellow' songs if you are deep into the Dave setlist selection developments of 2019), we've compiled a playlist of the songs not quite as traditional, but also not so obscure. These are lesser consumed songs that have some real potential for you to hear, given they all are from performances in the last year. We hope to help you Freshen Up with this playlist and then give you a few other important tour prep items.

Let's start with the playlist, maybe for lack of naming creativity: Freshen Up 2022. A collection of 30 songs from the past year featuring the new songs, and lesser played songs or ones that took on changes, geared to prepare beyond the 'staple' songs.

To kick it off the 6 new songs, in order of most recent, starting with brand new this year Something To Tell My Baby, and the late last year (and very well received) Madman's Eyes. And from there, the playlist includes songs that made returns in 2020 or played selectively, and also the songs that took on changes (which we highlight in the playlist below.)

How to listen: Stream straight from the DMB Hub app! Stickied to the top of the feed. If you don't have the app yet, grab it, if not for this, for some of the other tour prep items below.

  • 01. Something To Tell My Baby (DM w/strings 4-17-22)
  • 02. Madman's Eyes (DMB 11-5-21 Columbus)
  • 03. Walk Around the Moon (DMB 7-30-21 WPB)
  • 04. The Only Thing (DMB 8-27-22 Pittsburgh)
  • 05. The Ocean and the Butterfly (DMB 8-6-21 Chicago)
  • 06. Singing from the Windows (DM 8-13-21 Deercreek)
  • 07. Grey Street (DMB 7-23-21 Raleigh)          (Return of the 3rd verse!)
  • 08. Sweet (DMB 9-10-21 Irvine)                    (Return, but also with new Tim & Buddy Outro)
  • 09. Trouble (D&T 2-19-22 Mexico)
  • 10. Warehouse (DMB 8-13-21 Deercreek)    (Return of the stop time / 'woo!' intro)
  • 11. Dive In (DMB 11-5-21 Columbus)
  • 12. When I'm Weary (D&T+Buddy 2-20-22 Mexico) (First time D&T&B, strong version)
  • 13. Big Eyed Fish (DMB 8-27-21 Pittsburgh)
  • 14. Broken Things (DMB 11-5-21 Columbus)
  • 15. Death on the High Seas (D&T 2-19-22 Mexico)
  • 16. Seek Up (DMB 9-10-21 Irvine)           (New intro progression)
  • 17. Rye Whiskey (DMB 9-17-21 SPAC)
  • 18. Dodo (D&T 2-19-22 Mexico)
  • 19. What You Are (DMB 9-17-21 SPAC)
  • 20. Hello Again (DMB 7-23-21 Raleigh)
  • 21. Good Good Time (D&T 2-18-22 Mexico)
  • 22. Everyday (DMB 8-20-21 Mansfield)              (Everyday 2.0, credit Buddy)
  • 23. Sweet Up and Down (DMB 8-20-21 Mansfield)
  • 24. Too High (D&T 2-18-22 Mexico)
  • 25. Stay or Leave (DMB 8-6-21 Chicago)
  • 26. Write a Song (DMB 8-13-21 Deercreek)
  • 27. Up and Away (D&T 2-18-22 Mexico)
  • 28. Black and Blue Bird (D&T 2-20-22 Mexico)
  • 29. Recently (DMB 7-30-21 WPB)
  • 30. Bismarck (D&T 2-19-22 Mexico)

Other Tour Prep:

There's so much on the table for this year. For one, "new album" rumblings have continued (are we on to year 3 now? ha.) There are promising updates from time to time. Biggest of which is a "new mix" of Madman's Eyes that was shared amongst the band inner circle at the end of March. Both a confirmation of active mixing happening, and Madman's Eyes is shortlisted.

Since this time last year, we did get 4 new original songs. But we know from past leaks that there are others out there, including song with working titles of Monster, Stay Hungry, and Heart. And partial working names that include Young, Uke (presumably as in ukulele), and 70's Song.

As tour kicks off, make sure you have the DMB Hub app ready to go if you're interested in live show updates and/or push notifications. If you're not familiar, when enabled you can be alerted what the band is playing as they play it. You can also stream show recordings (thank you tapers!) to stay current with band performances and new songs.

But also, do you know which shows you're attending? Then you should "Add" them to your personal tour stats ("I'm Attending"), either via the DMB Hub app or Tour Central webpage. Doing so will automatically track and update your personal DMB stats, but also a couple other reasons.

With the live setlist portion of the app, you will get personalized live stats relative to the song that's playing at that time. Whether you're on the couch or even better at the show, you can determine the last time you heard the song playing, or if it's your first time.

Additionally, when you add your shows you earn and collect DMB Hub Stubs, which based on your DMB statistics you are awarded Stubs as a form of "achievement unlocked." And this is no longer DMB Hub only! Now on the website, in addition to offering your personal Tour Stats at the top-right of every page, you can also now view your Stubs via browser too.

The Setlist Game will be back once again this year for the summer. Bragging rights on the line. If you haven't played, join in on the fun and try to predict what the setlist will be for upcoming show(s). Earn points for correct or close guesses and take the trophy, either on a single show or the whole tour. You can make picks either via the Ants website, or right in the DMB Hub app, no matter where you are.

Wondering what special treats you may be in store at the show, in particular liberations? In the last year there were 9 liberations. Are there bound to be the same amount, more, or less? Check out the songs up for DMB liberation, including Alligator Pie, Cry Freedom, Black and Blue Bird, Bismark (of last three that were recently played D&T in Mexico.) Or *cough* Shotgun?

And probably one of the most powerful features on the site, take advantage of tour central advanced search. The Ants DMB Tour Central Search Engine allows you to search for a single song, or multiple. You can stipulate that any song is an opener, a set closer, in the encore, or the encore closer. Or, you can string multiple songs together and turn up shows where those tunes were played in order. All of these options can be filtered by further metrics, such as guest, venue, artist and show date range. On top of that, you can also have it only display shows that are streamable on DMB Hub app, or available to download on Ants. You can even check the box to only search against shows you've seen, so you can create a lot of personal queries. And when you've built your favorite searches, you can save them to your Tour Stats, so they're always accessible (and sharable!).

Even if you don't have an iOS device, follow (with notifications) @dmblive for live show song updates, and @SetlistGame for game fun. And don't forget to subscribe to the AntsPodcast. Lastly, enjoy some debate or banter over in the Ants DMB forums. Looking to meet some new DMB friends at your next show, or want insight/tips about a venue? Head over to the Tour Forum and the associated venue thread to chat with others attending.

Happy tour time everyone!



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