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DMB Catch-Up: New Album, New Songs, New Tour

Posted by Joe M in Album News at 8:55am on Saturday, Jul 17th, 2021

When was your last DMB concert? Better yet, when is your next DMB concert? Very grateful that we can once again talk about the latter instead of the former. (Iím not crying, are you crying?) Over the last year+, not much has happened, yet a whole lot has happened, and going forward weíre about to get some DMB whiplash (of the good kind). Hereís your DMB Catch Up of all the things in the Dave Matthews Band world you want/need to know, including New Album, New Songs, and the upcoming New Tour.

First, letís put this year in some context. Has the debate been settled if we increment our age during COVID lockdown year or not? Well with DMB and in the spirit of Ďno asterisksí we do, and 2021 marks the bandís 30th anniversary! The anniversary itself fell on March 14th, the date of DMBís first show 30 years ago. While there wasnít much fanfare on the actual date, this year is set up to be a milestone year beyond just the number. Already with exciting highlights to look forward to this year, but hopefully thereís even more untapped we donít yet know about. (Especially if compared to the commemoration of the bands 25th anniversary with a special vinyl box and hometown Charlottesville show.) But enough daydreaming, letís recap what we know at this point.

We chunk this out into 3 topics: New Songs, New Album, and New Tour.

First up: New Songs



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