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The DMB Tour Song List has been Updated

Posted by Joe M in Tour News at 3:45pm on Sunday, Jun 30th, 2019

Early in the summer tour we got a sneak peak into a song list that was being used on tour for setlist selection that included color coding. If you missed those details, check out our previous story on it. We saved our explanation of the meaning and use for our podcast which you can listen to (#103). (If you think it's because of guitars you may want to rethink it.) But now we have a look at a new song list picture after Deer Creek N1 and it offers new details and changes, including new 'purple' songs and song additions and removals.

We've put together an extrapolated picture for comparison to the previous.

The new 'purple' song coloring aligns with songs that were played the previous night. (Presumed particularly/only relevant for multi-night shows at the same venue.)

A number of song changes also occurred:
  • The Riff was added.
  • Appears Gaucho was added (new spot added where it fits)
  • 7 songs (at least) have been added to the list, appearing prior to Rapunzel
  • The others may be Away From The World songs that were previously missing and now added, like The Riff and Gaucho (previously missing include: Bell Belly Nice, Belly Full, Broken Things, & Drunken Soldier)
  • One of the new added songs falls between Kill The King and Last Stop. Unknown.
  • The Joke (cover) was removed.
  • New "yellow" song after Minarets. (The song on the previous list that followed Minarets was Mother Father, but hard to believe that's a 'yellow' song now.) Unknown.

At this point 2 'yellow' songs (as known from start of the tour) have yet to make their 2019 Summer appearance: Lie In Our Graves and Where Are You Going.

As for 'red' songs, from our previous update where 4 of the 17 had been played (Bartender, Big Eyed Fish, So Right, Typical Situation) an additional 5 have been played including #27 (Camden N2), You Never Know (Hartford), Fool To Think, Idea of You, and Rooftop (Deer Creek N2). Still yet to be played 'red' songs include: Break Free, Dreaming Tree, Help Myself, Joy Ride, Kill The King, Last Stop, Loving Wings, and Shotgun.



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