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DMB 2019 Summer Tour Dates - Latest Rumors

Posted by Joe M in Tour News at 12:30pm on Saturday, Jan 19th, 2019

What better escape from a winter weather blast than to picturing yourself standing on some slightly sore feet but you're with 10,000 others and in front of you is a setting sun, bright lights and some jamming tunes. Ah yes, it's time to start thinking about the Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour 2019 and what better way than with the latest rumored tour dates.

Tour date rumors are vital to touring fans so we can get an early jump on travel planning before the travel gouging starts. We try to do our best to tap community friendly insiders to get you tour dates prior to the official announcement. (In fact we had all the dates compiled for the fall tour prior to the announcement.) A big thank you to community insiders that share and help the hardcore fan community. Do you have some inside intel on a tour date? (Don't keep secrets, help a hippie out!) Come share with other dedicated fans (anonymously is an option). Head over to the 2019 Rumor thread.

With already 18 dates in Europe from early March to early April, and from what we're hearing commitments to play in late September, DMB aren't looking to slow up for 2019.

Announced this week, DMB will be playing the 50th anniversary New Orleans JazzFest on Saturday May 4th. This will be the 8th full band appearance for the band at the festival, a DMB festival staple you could argue. D&T played the festival recently in 2017 and the last full band appearance was was in 2013. That year DMB did a few Deep South tour dates around the festival and its looking like they will again this year. What we aren't sure of yet is if JazzFest be the first. Rumor has it DMB may also play the Beale Street Music Festival either the day before or the day after JazzFest, and yesterdays tweet from them stokes hope.

Further Deep South rumor has DMB playing Pelham, AL a few days later on May 7th, playing Charlotte, NC on the 10th (a city that typically bounces between May or July dates), and then May 11th playing Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN, which would be a first for the band (though Dave just visited and performed a few weeks ago as part of the Willie Nelson tribute show that will air later this year on the A&E channel.) The music city has been greatly DMB neglected, with just a show 10 years ago in 2009 and not much else outside of the 90's.

Next up is the Texas run, however at this point no Austin show is known, which may not be a surprise after light crowds last year. Woodlands on May 17th and Dallas on May 18th. Following Texas there is a gap without any known tour dates until May 25th in Atlanta. You might assume something like Brandon, MS and Rogers, AR during that window.

June rumors are quiet for the first half of the month but pickup with an expected two night stand in Camden, NJ on June 15th with the 2nd night either falling on 14th or 16th. Then a show for Bethel, NY on June 18th. Bethel, host of the 1969 Woodstock Festival, is one of two locations of Woodstock 50th anniversary festivals going on in August. With a June Bethel date this would seem to rule out DMB for the Bethel Woodstock festival. Then the Xfinity combo with Mansfield, MA on June 21 and Hartford, CT on June 22nd. (Still puzzling why these two cities no longer get two night stands.) And to round out June, a two night stand at the just released Live Trax venue of Deercreek (ie Noblesville, IN) on the 28th and 29th.

Then comes the monster month of July with multiple summer tour staples and the band likely peaking prior to the traditional early August break. First rumored, Cincinnati on July 2nd then up to Tinley Park on July 3rd. An interesting rumor considering DMB hasn't played there for 10 years in favor for other areas, but not out of left field as band enjoys spending the 4th of July holiday in Chicago, IL. All of this sets up the band for the most controversial tour schedule topic of recent times, Alpine Valley. That's right, Alpine is again rumored back following much fervor and outlash last summer about the perceived return for it only to be left out in what management called “fan preference” for Northerly Island (cue the hysteria.) While inside info on Alpine has been a bit dynamic over the last month, the latest we're hearing is the 4th of July weekend on the 5th and 6th. (inhale, exhale.)

July power venues continues with a return to east coast mecca SPAC on the same weekend as last year with July 12th and 13th very firm. Then, a hopefully not rained out Bristow, VA on July 20th followed by the Florida run. West Palm Beach on July 26th and 27th, and interestingly rumored is a return to Jacksonville, FL on the 23rd, a city not typically visited outside of 2014 show there. Tampa would make logical sense for the 24th, but no such info at this point.

Following an early August break not much is known yet on where the band will pick back up. If no Syracuse show is announced, a place they have played the last couple of years, that may be a tip that DMB will be back to the area to play the other Woodstock 50 festival in Watkins Glen, NY during Aug. 16-18. Though being just a 3 day festival that desires to have a diverse music genre, it may be tough for DMB to be one of the headliners (though at Woodstock 99 they didn't headline.) A couple interesting cities being mentioned but no specific dates are Sioux Falls, SD, Des Moines, IA, and Missoula, MT. Wait, Montana!? DMB has played just one show in MT back in 1994, what a gem that would be. Could these underplayed cities get shows in 2019 as rumors are claiming?

Rounding out the summer is the expected (and total shock to not occur) Labor Day/Dave Weekend at The Gorge Aug 30th - Sep 1st. Portland is also rumor confirmed, as is Sacramento, CA, a city DMB band hasn't played since 2006. However the rest of a west coast run is not known yet, though hearing at the least DMB will be together playing in late September (though it may not be part of the initial tour announcement.)

Outside of that Pittsburgh and St. Louis have been rumored confirmed but don't know the specific dates. And currently no rumors dates on Canada, but skipping would be a surprise given the increased play in recent years, including during the 2018 Fall/Winter Tour. Taking into account the current rumored dates a logical schedule for Canada and Pittsburgh would be first half of June.

As with all of this, do we really need to do a disclaimer in a write-up specifically about rumors and speculation? Listen, planning a cross country tour of one of the biggest bands on the road is not like planning your route through the grocery store (or maybe it is.) Dates and venues change as they negotiate and compete with other tours. ProTip: If you book travel prior to the official announcement, make sure it's changeable or refundable. [end obviousness]

If rumblings (and tradition) holds, all of our speculation will be put to rest relatively soon, with the tour announcement coming next week (if final arrangements get completed.) Until then, snowed-in summer daydreaming continues (in my head they are playing The Stone.)

Special shout out and thanks to Ants member Chadizzy1 as community rumor curator, and Cscottrun as rumor sourcer.



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