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Concert for Charlottesville Show Itinerary Leaked

Posted by Matt Yette in Charity at 7:51am on Friday, Sep 22nd, 2017

An image purporting to be A Concert for Charlottesville's stage schedule has shown up in the wild, detailing each act's planned performance time with some minor notes. It must be noted that the listing itself claims that the set times are subject to change, but for now, antsmarching.org can corroborate that this document is authentic and represents the planned schedule for the evening.

It should be no surprise, given that Charlottesville, VA is the town where Dave Matthews Band started its meteoric rise to the top of the touring world (setting a few album-related records on the way), that the hometown performance schedule dedicates three times as much stage time to Dave/DMB than the next longest performance. Dave himself will open the festivities with a short, 15-minute solo set at 6:00pm, before introducing Brittany Howard and giving way to the bevy of acts that are also signed on for the charity gig. Howard's time on stage is slated to be a mere 20 minutes, followed by the same duration for Cage the Elephant and The Roots, with 10 minute breaks in between. These are roughly half-opener performance lengths. At 7:45, the show times bump up to 30 minutes, with Ariana Grande taking the stage, followed by Chris Stapleton, and then Justin Timberlake at 9:05pm, all with 10 minute breaks in between. Interestingly, the handoff to Pharrell Williams will not include a break, which seems to indicate that there will be some sort of joint performance between the two long-time collaborators. The schedule notes that Pharrell must leave the stage at 10:00pm "PROMPT", allowing for a 15-minute break until the main act, Dave Matthews Band, takes the stage for their 75-minute set.

The schedule makes note that the set designs themselves are intended to be minimal to keep the set breaks to a minimum and allow for maximum play time. It also mentions that extended play permits are already in place, but whether that means DMB could run past their 75-minute allotment, or must stick to it firmly, is unclear.

UVAToday, the newspaper for the University of Virginia, has also released an article detailing some of the security and parking information related to the benefit show. Security will be implementing a clear-bag policy, so if you have something to carry in, it must be clear and smaller than 12x6x12". Signs and banners, often a staple at DMB shows, are prohibited. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, with lots opening at 1:00pm. Parking in spaces closest to the venue are $20, with outlying lots commanding $10. Note that all parking fees are cash only. Tailgating is allowed, with the caveats that no cooking or public consumption of alcohol is allowed. Those Solo cups better have Kool-Aid in them, folks. Concert gates are set to open at 4:00pm.

A Concert for Charlottesville will be live-streamed starting at 5:55pm EDT this coming Sunday, September 24, 2017.

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