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Confirmed New DMB Album in Works Release Target Beginning of the Year

Posted by Joe M in Album News at 10:47am on Monday, Sep 11th, 2017

Finally a confirmation that we've all been longing for, and one that has trickle on ramifications/tail. Dave Matthews has confirmed a new full band album is in the works. In a quick interview with local Pittsburgh paper in advance of this weekends FarmAid appearance, Dave says "We have a lot of stuff, so my plan is that we'll put together some music this fall so we can have something out hopefully the beginning of next year." Dave also discusses that Carter and himself recently got together just prior to August and recorded some additional music together.

The album that the community affectionately calls the "What Album" (a play on the typical rhetorical response we'd give when people would ask for details about the next album) has been one of much speculation following the announcement of "No Tour 2017". Little more is known about the albumn at this point, other than there is 'a plan' of an album for early next year. However if the album is delayed this wouldn't be the first time that's happened (but let's be optimistic.) Will the band go with an album of all new music, or will they release studio versions of the recently debuted touring songs that have seen a lot of rotation, including Death on the High Seas, Samurai Cop and Virginia in the Rain? Hard to say, your preference?

The band hasn't released an studio album in 5 years, that's when last album Away from the World was released. Our last reference to a possible album was back in May of 2015 when we received an Instagram leak from a recording studio that showed sheet music for three songs that were getting string accompaniment parts. Those songs had titles at the time of Bismark, Bob Law, and Here On Out. All three of which have made live performance debuts, but are the recorded string accompaniment parts an indication of their album likelihood?

The announcement of a new album is the most promising news 2017 has brought. In a year where there were questions about what the future held for the band, for any further touring, let alone a new album, this is about as good as it gets. News of a new album leads to the not-so-tough-extrapolation of new tour(s) and the other associated tails (TV appearances, new content, interviews, etc.) Needless to say, stay strong DMB Community, just a few more months of withdrawal and your DMB fix looks to be coming back strong!

EDIT: Original version of article mistakenly stated we haven't heard Here On Out. Clearly 'we' have heard it, just Joe M. hadn't. :p Thanks for the correction.



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