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DMB Heading Back to the Studio?

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News at 4:35am on Monday, Sep 9th, 2013

Have you heard the latest rumor? Word on the street says that Dave Matthews Band is heading back to the studio to work on another album. And there may be some merit to this one. The story originated with Tim Reynolds canceling some TR3 shows in the fall, which led to a venue letting it slip that Tim and DMB are going to the studio in November.

The rumor might not be that far off. If you're thinking of the timing of albums, with Away From The World being a mere year old, don't forget that DMB jumped back in the studio in 2006 after Stand Up's 2005 release. And given the dearth of plays this summer, it's not out of the imagination to believe that it's time for something new.

Are there other possibilities? Sure. Could be a solo album. Could be just a touch up of some B-sides, that only the hard-cores really want but that's another story. Or it could be a full-fledged album. So keep your ears open for more rumors and innuendos.


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