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Download the new app from antsmarching.org: DMB Hub. The Hub, News, Tour Central, Live Show Updates, Push Notifications and the Setlist Game.

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Ants Palm Apps Updated

Posted by Matt Yette in Site News at 12:42pm on Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2010

Hot on the heels of the initial release of Ants Tour Central and DMB Live Setlist comes the next versions for each app. Ants Tour Central 2.0.0 and DMB Live Setlist 1.5.0 are now available on the Palm App Catalog.

Ants Tour Central provides quick and easy access to the entire Dave Matthews Band setlist archive, Tour Central, at antsmarching.org. You can even read reviews from Ants members for each show! v2.0.0 adds the ability to log in with your antsmarching.org account to view your personal stats as well as edit your reviews of shows right from your phone. You can also view pictures that other Ants have uploaded from the shows. DMB Live Setlist allows you to be notified any time a song is played during a live show, and it also lets you follow along with a live display of the current setlist. In the middle of texting a friend? No problem. A notification will unobtrusively slide up from the bottom of the screen, giving you the title of the next song, and then will just as elegantly disappear, never interrupting what you're doing. v1.5.0 packs an updated notification system, including a custom DMB-related sound alert, which can now be disabled if the user so chooses.

DMB Live Setlist is currently available in the Palm App Catalog for FREE, and Ants Tour Central is currently available for the price of $0.99. For less than one dollar, you will never be more than ten seconds away from any setlist the band has ever played! Ants Tour Central and DMB Live Setlist from antsmarching.org: bringing the best band in the world to you in more ways than ever.

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