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Four New Songs Highlight First show

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Tour News at 3:15am on Friday, Jun 18th, 2004

DMB opened their tour with a bang, debuting Four New Songs during the 6.17.04 show. The songs appeared on the Official Site real-time setlist as - in this order - New Song #2, New Song #1, New Song #3, and New Song #4. They did, however, actually have working names, according to the setlists used by the band and crew. The actual names were (in order of #1-4), Crazy-Easy, Joy Ride, Hello Again, and Sugar Will.

Some other interesting tidbits: For the third consecutive year, the band began the regular touring season with Too Much. Four songs from Before These Crowded Streets appeared on night one, and two non-DMB album songs - in addition to the 4 new ones - also made their way into the setlist (Granny and Help Myself). And in perhaps the quickest turnaround ever, Crazy-Easy (New Song #1) made it to the internet (via cellphone) a mere 4 songs after it debuted.

Congratulations to Sniper15 and DMB_Treb, both tied in the setlist game with 44 points and are now sitting at the top of the 724 people that played last night.

The tour continues 6.18.04 in Chicago.



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