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DMB2023-06-14.ck61.flac16 (Will Clark)

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Dave Matthews Band
Darien Lake
Darien, NY

Taper - W Clark
Source - AKG ck61 (Naiant) > Tinybox > Sony M10
Location - Pit, Right Stack
Conversion - M10 > Audacity > xACT

When The World Ends
Stay or Leave
Funny The Way It Is
All You Wanted Was Tomorrow
Madmans Eyes
So Damn Lucky
Busted Stuff
Grey Street
Looking For A Vein
Don稚 Drink The Water
The Space Between
Lie In Our Graves
Walk Around The Moon
Louisiana Bayou
Break Free
You Might Die Trying
Jimi Thing > Brick House
You Never Know
Shake Me Like A Monkey

Notes - Big Thanks to 鏑axKid for ticket help.
Support Artists and Venues that allow taping!

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.39 on 2023-06-16 00:29:34 +0000

01 Intro.flac:d6e118a693ec065407821202472dd19c
02 When The World Ends.flac:c684f3b9fb1a37afe4bb7777433f698d
03 Stay or Leave.flac:8fc40281efb6b4b4cf831e14b562cde4
04 Funny The Way It Is.flac:6a4fbed496ef6b45115a63b309841f70
05 All You Wanted Was Tomorrow.flac:b19166803352a08dbcbf4c12475b8907
06 Madmans Eyes.flac:2b37d266533ab7ecd4f3dc96618f85ca
07 So Damn Lucky.flac:08380b4bd4bf2225adf4a5b36a766647
08 Busted Stuff.flac:523ad36d0f81fc43542b4b3d2641bb3f
09 Grey Street.flac:36cc5915ec137ca9c7c464fbb41b07ff
10 Looking For A Vein.flac:e3fda50569f94bb54e9e43c8599c94eb
11 Don't Drink The Water.flac:1f448e1ac38ab3ba6f9ffb97a570ac48
12 The Space Between.flac:70f565108653f74984f31c8f1c6af07a
13 Lie In Our Graves.flac:ae2bbe2abfbf3794a989dba893f7120b
14 Walk Around The Moon.flac:4b5397e6a650dc52cadb02d20b26b3ab
15 Louisiana Bayou.flac:ab6207f54e93e477b593caf14ff5bb8d
16 Break Free.flac:d2924a60393193aad7f07767076333fa
17 You Might Die Trying.flac:fca03f24829c75ccdc478af8ed9886ac
18 Jimi Thing.flac:89f27dfa68e1d6fd9bb36f5cc8e1e43a
19 You Never Know.flac:de3c06ad49711c7d207e422cbc8a4a45
20 Shake Me Like A Monkey.flac:2a2d52563c1e9a6e3d2c42fb6ca93505

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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