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DMB2022-05-13.akgck61.flac16 (Craig Willoughby & Rob Bokon)

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Dave Matthews Band
May 13, 2022
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
The Woodlands, Texas

Tapers: Craig Willoughby & Rob Bokon
Location: Section 103, Row E, Seats 19 & 20
Source: AKG CK61-ULS Caps (Active Cables) > Naiant Midbox > Sony PCM-10 (24/96 LPCM)
Lineage: Samsung Pro 64GB SD Card > Adobe Auditoon (Edits, Gain, Mixing, Normalizing > Audacity 3.1.3 (Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Introduction
02. You Might Die Trying
03. So Much to Say
04. Anyone Seen the Bridge
05. Too Much
06. Idea of You
07. Break for It
08. Tripping Billies
09. Jimi Thing
10. Madman's Eyes
11. Crash into Me
12. Break Free
13. Funny the Way It Is
14. The Dreaming Tree
15. When the World Ends
16. Walk Around the Moon
17. Warehouse
18. Dancing Nancies
19. She
20. Granny
21. Grey Street
22. Encore Break
23. The Maker
14. Why I Am

Dave Matthews Band:
Dave Matthews - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Tim Reynolds - Electric Guitar
Stefan Lessard - Bass
Buddy Strong - Keyboards, Vocals
Rashawn Ross - Trumpet, Vocals
Jeff Coffin - Saxophone, Flute
Carter Beauford - Drums

Thank you to Michael Peters for the gear.
Thank you to Tommy from the DMB sound team for his constant support of the DMB taping scene.

Compiled by Mark Terrell on 2022/05/19.

47b44e25e60f5d53ca67b2bae7219849 *dmb2022-05-13t01.flac
0ef37592404c7aeeb9facaf4eca95c3e *dmb2022-05-13t02.flac
8760c447275a80ef297a7659b20e0a37 *dmb2022-05-13t03.flac
1d9f8d3e5ac76cd10ba6b00ebdacafc8 *dmb2022-05-13t04.flac
70027d6932227781085567ceae6efe6d *dmb2022-05-13t05.flac
59ec1c16f66210442b40d95c49a2427b *dmb2022-05-13t06.flac
683035158196345f0be03d0933dbccb3 *dmb2022-05-13t07.flac
8a52ecb30804dcc085ed391e096c8f0f *dmb2022-05-13t08.flac
1b4ea9d4e0a4fb0acd85efb48f2ce3e6 *dmb2022-05-13t09.flac
87fbb392655fbe72baa430cdcf69a715 *dmb2022-05-13t10.flac
4be782e94a8995fd17f7a88b57967a0f *dmb2022-05-13t11.flac
41baa474383db5d8615470025315927e *dmb2022-05-13t12.flac
4fa76a8390ce329859afceae0a7347ee *dmb2022-05-13t13.flac
fbfa6c264442a6f6ca489c0e4a4bfe35 *dmb2022-05-13t14.flac
a9e43cd6ca5fa0e364b0bdeeb6c5b718 *dmb2022-05-13t15.flac
586aedef5974ce3adbbbc4e9aab8bad3 *dmb2022-05-13t16.flac
779fea10c6236c03f6274c5cc490b2aa *dmb2022-05-13t17.flac
7eaba9c79726a77d9ebdcb446953d39e *dmb2022-05-13t18.flac
bea67d59995a9de90537585f2946765b *dmb2022-05-13t19.flac
02a0833839e3b4c3ef851ed1e06399ad *dmb2022-05-13t20.flac
76068b411c6105c780812ae6715ac964 *dmb2022-05-13t21.flac
5f91419d0fc9ba444548eecf4ee96265 *dmb2022-05-13t22.flac
55ba84aee35ec89c8c673838c3afefe6 *dmb2022-05-13t23.flac
227aca91fc69f8ec88c4514bec6179eb *dmb2022-05-13t24.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2022-05-13.akgck61.flac16 (Craig Willoughby & Rob Bokon)

    So happy to see this concert on here ....but I cannot convert it it says file not supported
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    Re: DMB2022-05-13.akgck61.flac16 (Craig Willoughby & Rob Bokon)

    nm i forgot about the utorrent part thanks it is a great concert
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