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DMB2021-09-26.cafs.st9100.flac16 (Mark Terrell)

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Dave Matthews Band
September 26, 2021
The Park at Harlinsdale
Franklin, Tennessee
Pilgrimage Festival - Day Two

Taper: Mark Terrell
Source: CAFSs > CA-ST9100 > Edirol R-09
Location: FOH, front right corner, DFC of the stage, mics DIN @ 12'
Editing: WAV > Audacity 2.3.2 (Gain, Mixing, Normalizing, Fades, Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Introduction
02. One Sweet World
03. So Much To Say >
04. Anyone Seen The Bridge >
05. Too Much
06. That Girl Is You
07. Can't Stop
08. Jimi Thing >
09. I Want A New Drug >
10. Sledgehammer
11. You Might Die Trying
12. You & Me
13. Why I Am
14. Grey Street
15. Warehouse
16. Everyday >
17. Ants Marching
18. All Along The Watchtower

A huge thank you to Tommy for the assistance in setting up and recording.
Thank you to Zachary Semcken for assistance and coordination.

Compiled on 2021/09/27.

f3e2c5ae1913750c458d2a220438e553 *dmb2021-09-26t01.flac
1a3e2b1d1bdac61d252d378686148feb *dmb2021-09-26t02.flac
5248b965324377f4cae9946f35e6ac73 *dmb2021-09-26t03.flac
97aab9738f3ef4b60051519cc0f2eec4 *dmb2021-09-26t04.flac
caebc2876bdc14477ca23ec2e4a4a9ae *dmb2021-09-26t05.flac
9e0de59e1b3340b0e5021ca890e54f43 *dmb2021-09-26t06.flac
fc5dc38f8b185a67ff16b45a719da609 *dmb2021-09-26t07.flac
afa4eb9f003677a69ce0fe34a1d649b3 *dmb2021-09-26t08.flac
79a5b8cca20a5c3e02ddc700593ea814 *dmb2021-09-26t09.flac
16f1d8673c86f520e237b1b90712edb1 *dmb2021-09-26t10.flac
11af771ed3baf0a10554a03e4bcd703e *dmb2021-09-26t11.flac
e81a83a71f7dacf7765f673131ad6ae7 *dmb2021-09-26t12.flac
f0bfbbc88f840ea05e9e4d54d9f1f2ea *dmb2021-09-26t13.flac
7be60d103ff4b1967609ca3451618a34 *dmb2021-09-26t14.flac
1ecfd2d54e81fd62d208b86190b2db0d *dmb2021-09-26t15.flac
8359be2b666c42ca5c03268a13189e8d *dmb2021-09-26t16.flac
396d357cf23e5d95b9d150e49a0ba3e8 *dmb2021-09-26t17.flac
bb4b8dd111727681affa8e4679dc313f *dmb2021-09-26t18.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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