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DMB2021-08-24.ck61.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

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Dave Matthews Band
Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion
Gilford, NH

Taper: John Gortakowski (
Location: PIT (Back Rail, Left Stack)
Source: AKG ck61 (DINa, ~12) > Nbob active cables > Edirol UA-5 (w Mod) > Sony PCM-M10 (24bit/96kHz)
Conversion: Sony PCM-M10 > Audacity 2.1 (Normalize to -0.03dB; Fade In and Out applied; dither to 16/44.1) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > xACT 2.47 (level 8) > FLAC

******************** DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IN LOSSY FORMATS*********************

01. Intro
02. You Never Know
03. Do You Remember
04. Dancing Nancies >
05. Warehouse
06. Grace Is Gone
07. Can't Stop
08. Proudest Monkey >
09. Satellite
10. So Much To Say >
11. Anyone Seen The Bridge >
12. Too Much
13. Walk Around The Moon
14. Jimi Thing >
15. I Want A New Drug >
16. Sexy M.F. >
17. [Brown Sugar] > [Bitch] > (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction^
18. Louisiana Bayou
19. Shake Me Like a Monkey
20. Funny The Way It Is
21. You & Me
22. Grey Street
23. Encore Break
24. Singing From The Windows*
25. Don't Drink the Water

> Indicates a segue into next song
* Dave solo
^ Rolling Stones cover played in tribute to drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away earlier that day.

compiled by John Gortakowski on August 27, 2021

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.47 on 2021-08-27 17:08:38 +0000

01. Intro.flac:2b3363e6456ca9c0d65e2a6d357e968d
02. You Never Know.flac:5276c7b4bef4035a472dc31ca47d6b70
03. Do You Remember.flac:a53c4899cdb44f2fb8a9a44c3b5019be
04. Dancing Nancies .flac:2d234bce9344bdfdefc5851ebb662c76
05. Warehouse.flac:aa67f35c0d03bdcc9d1fd5037594e27a
06. Grace Is Gone.flac:c3b1a1c4ae161d46695f075207790f4a
07. Can't Stop.flac:ad050a7a8ec35b723bb713d12e68085d
08. Proudest Monkey.flac:ca2e10ccc9b77f43fe23a80c2ecbc3ef
09. Satellite.flac:9669abfd2060ae833783fc86c5a6a38d
10. So Much To Say.flac:f9365858d8d8ed8def50bb6ff7ba5729
11. Anyone Seen The Bridge.flac:556ee8ec4567f386c81f6250c8ea4b67
12. Too Much.flac:1e9a8f9ee83874506799feee741e412c
13. Walk Around The Moon.flac:923365572505e8cf3903c80be7c40597
14. Jimi Thing.flac:ab9fd13e9cffadce0aa741c79f8cbe94
15. I Want A New Drug.flac:019df46a51fe610552290b05d5dcf63e
16. Sexy M.F..flac:059f334cbd3d06d34cd386151fbfcce9
17. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.flac:6fb43c43ca95db94c09afeded9b521b5
18. Louisiana Bayou.flac:1bb00257856d234533d6981f3d0f34d7
19. Shake Me Like a Monkey.flac:0c8e95ae9fe60bb1a7ace815a7321129
20. Funny The Way It Is.flac:7ef55ea5f50050cabe2972855e347f46
21. You & Me.flac:bd1765de5ba6bfe05f8f5beab13abe6f
22. Grey Street.flac:5a9715b8d2ef6f3e9cb393c06aed0c4f
23. Encore Break.flac:69c9af3ed8a4d844748fd819428f6550
24. Singing From The Windows.flac:c6da31cd00254bda85c82abf618603b4
25. Don't Drink the Water.flac:6aa0cf89b95637d99c6e7a8efaf67c44

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

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