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DMB2021-07-28.at853.flac16 (Mark Terrell)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 28, 2021
MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa, FL

Taper: Mark Terrell
Source: Audio Technica 853s (Cards/4.7k Mod) > CA-ST9100 > Edirol R-09
Location: Front Pit Rail, ~10' Pointed at Left Stack
Editing: WAV > Reaper 6.33 (Gain, Mixing, Normalizing) > Audacity 3.0.2 (Fades, Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Intro
02. Tripping Billies
03. Raven
04. Seek Up
05. So Right
06. When the World Ends
07. Seven
08. You Might Die Trying
09. Satellite
10. The Riff
11. JTR
12. The Song That Jane Likes >
13. Typical Situation
14. Do You Remember
15. Grey Street*
16. If Only
17. Dancing Nancies >
18. Warehouse^
19. Everyday&
20. Band Intros & Thank Yous
21. Pantala Naga Pampa >
22. Rapunzel
23. Encore Break
24. Dave Speak: Madness & Beauty
25. Singing from the Windows
26. Kill the Preacher [Partial]
27. Why I Am
28. Stay (Wasting Time)

Dave Matthews Band:

Dave Matthews - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Tim Reynolds - Electric Guitar
Stefan Lessard - Bass
Buddy Strong - Keyboards, Vocals
Rashawn Ross - Trumpet, Vocals
Jeff Coffin - Saxophone, Flute
Carter Beauford - Drums


* with third verse/chorus
^ with salsa jam
& with You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd interpolation

Thank you to Ryan Jonik from Nine Inch Nails Live ( for the gear.

Compiled by Zachary Semcken on 2021/07/29.

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.50 on 2021-07-30 01:02:26 +0000

dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t01.flac:a1dbfe8ae3e05999bf5aac159 09597fc
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t02.flac:b22d227f0bff3c0bb747e5f38 0157836
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t03.flac:ddb934831ec64b3ab9ddaace0 040c65f
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t04.flac:e492d4014a2da2856bd958510 964b1fa
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t05.flac:b4109cc2ed1f050d7a7a6a9df 05edb7a
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t06.flac:275d508d14c287fe88878ce35 9619cda
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t07.flac:ad641c83cd63ec6af413ce1a5 94a8539
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t08.flac:4ecf674623bf2590bf9546baf 58c1bfc
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t09.flac:e9170be7381b017582d977a70 caf5172
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t10.flac:86de1352e88c9cccc4483c9b2 0001a6d
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t11.flac:20032a50e2d78b52d564060c3 ae78006
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t12.flac:ea03eab87f2c00b15d8cf7f07 dd7cb09
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t13.flac:948ae3bcd534c12f4475d6b41 772d963
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t14.flac:b87c9ded437c246e6ca8ffe4f 6986842
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t15.flac:8312768ae8eb0b240809b6050 5efb305
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t16.flac:65c3cea6cbd688efafb9f5ee1 551c3a2
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t17.flac:13b1d47628da6f57fd60b5083 eac1ae5
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t18.flac:524397fd7a93b5205eca5d625 19557ee
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t19.flac:6522572362e633711faa43acd 52dad53
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t20.flac:78751b836112c6d310ff0b2b9 81e19e6
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t21.flac:5d52dcb9fb01c40723310b2e7 11a5411
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t22.flac:754f5158ae68f3f641ab49e74 f380352
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t23.flac:98f5a0673fd0e29c29c3ab36b 42d552d
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t24.flac:7ce15a83fc19b458c76ede05d c8df07f
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t25.flac:aad45926937c916c6ec7222de c159af6
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t26.flac:8be75345c9416b0af99164a91 80dfb68
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t27.flac:a40606958801e13b999002e6c 89df213
dmb2021-07-28.at853.st9100.t28.flac:1f97dce08c1252cc011c81a6b 4c08b34

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

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    Re: DMB2021-07-28.at853.flac16 (Mark Terrell)

    Thanks for sharing this show. Tracks two and three are both named Tripping Billies. Track two is Billies, track three should be named Raven.
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