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DM_2003-08-06.unknown.shnf (Johnathon Grant)

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Dave Matthews (solo)
The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO
August 6, 2003

Taper: Jonathan Grant
Source: unknown mic > minidisc
Location: stealthed under shirt*, ~10 feet from right stack
Conversion: unknown
Remastered by Adam W., Cool Edit Pro 2.0 to reduce bass > Shorten (SHN)

Disc 1

01. Intro 02:51
02. The Stone 08:50
03. Loving Wings 03:52
04. So Damn Lucky 06:18
05. Baby 04:38
06. Save Me** 04:32
07. Gravedigger 07:35
08.Bartender 05:43
Total: 44:24


*The Fox Theatre was very strict on the no taping policy...possibly because Yahoo bought the rights to record it. Security used metal detectors at the door to keep recording equipment and weapons out of the venue (if you recall, the last time DMB played in CO a knife was thrown on stage). Fortunately for us, a great man snuck in a mic and a minidisc player, taped the mic to his chest, and recorded the whole show from under his shirt. Throughout the tracks, you may notice the sound of cloth rubbing on the mic, which is exactly what it is.

On another note, the venue's sound was very loud and caused the recording's volume to max out quite a bit. You will notice it more toward the end of the show, but fortunately, the Some Devil songs turned out well.

**Dave sings, "Driving through the desert I met a man, who told me of his crazy plan. He'd been walking there for twenty days he was gunna walk on Wait I gotta tell you something though..." He then talks about the inspiration for the song, and restarts it.

Big Thanks to Jon and Alex for sneaking in the equipment, and especially Jon, for taping a mic to his chest for our sake.

This show has some of the best Davespeak we've had in a while, most likely because he was extremely unsober.

eaba8932b939fd3cb86ac15713c9241d *dm2003-08-06d01t01.shn
e3f4a55939a746ece4fdc95ebc172c9e *dm2003-08-06d01t02.shn
2451eeb722fe3558417ecea0cc9e43d0 *dm2003-08-06d01t03.shn
16d5966edc922b46d7b57edb5b14337b *dm2003-08-06d01t04.shn
9c0e37e223e0d3c3b210c2779b6ec933 *dm2003-08-06d01t05.shn
6d4111638c13aa1b03869fd2844ad27b *dm2003-08-06d01t06.shn
7a74f318f2936a8362affcb1ae8e5ae3 *dm2003-08-06d01t07.shn
a10c3e726ad82ef97f0ca47b5c66f2e3 *dm2003-08-06d01t08.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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