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DMB2019-03-10..flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

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Dave Matthews Band
Salle Pleyel
Paris, France
March 10, 2019

Taped by: Sergey Dimitrov
A big Thank You to the DMB sound crew!
Though the concert was in Europe you'll hear only americans yelling at the band and chatting while they play.
To all those disrespectful american fans stay home next time, the European fans don't want you in Europe.

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band

00 Intro
01 That Girl Is You
02 Warehouse
03 Satellite
04 Help Myself
05 Do You Remember
06 Louisiana Bayou
07 Crush
08 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
09 Don't Drink the Water
10 Here On Out *
11 Stand Up (For It)
12 Sledgehammer
13 She
14 Crash into Me
15 Pantala Naga Pampa Rapunzel
16 You & Me
17 What Would You Say
18 Ants Marching
19 Granny
20 Grey Street

indicates segue
* Dave solo

dmb2019-03-10_00 Intro.flac:ba6e1f012bdd78ec5e059dd57ee75b34
dmb2019-03-10_01 That Girl Is You.flac:d945d0bb7ce3b1b7889d0e756a755eed
dmb2019-03-10_02 Warehouse.flac:242ca483ccca2674d1b1ea58a070c1f3
dmb2019-03-10_03 Satellite.flac:cfe7b6ced1256cb39882f7ed2ed96287
dmb2019-03-10_04 Help Myself.flac:e854dee53c7bac5d0d9faf6818e266bf
dmb2019-03-10_05 Do You Remember.flac:c2e330364b020f43216c5f57be17b55c
dmb2019-03-10_06 Louisiana Bayou.flac:249d08134b1bf992631cab3f3e6887b9
dmb2019-03-10_07 Crush.flac:467facd6accdc1b31378e3c6da1a2dc3
dmb2019-03-10_08 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin).flac:efd25cf90a585bb20a3a9fdc4d8d655f
dmb2019-03-10_09 Don't Drink the Water.flac:7c1cdaf11eae6d7190e63a8b1468f2f3
dmb2019-03-10_10 Here On Out.flac:f3477f1b0f6a04b29106780e9a89bf93
dmb2019-03-10_11 Stand Up (For It).flac:8fa7f4ff33b76d9fb4802186e9f206b2
dmb2019-03-10_12 Sledgehammer.flac:b62d54ac8ff4c40ad51cd2f69770cc57
dmb2019-03-10_13 She.flac:709d0238c1a82c3437fe1217f6a351c5
dmb2019-03-10_14 Crash into Me.flac:ac42d4d5832fcdceeb80f1af89da2954
dmb2019-03-10_15 Rapunzel.flac:b5d5037cb77d8f48408fe2fb7046a55a
dmb2019-03-10_16 You & Me.flac:280feaddf4a27f8b43d80fffeef18005
dmb2019-03-10_17 What Would You Say.flac:7fb36b846f21f818af482351ed38007b
dmb2019-03-10_18 Ants Marching.flac:3eddedc8171aceb75f20e878debcc1c7
dmb2019-03-10_19 Granny.flac:a7999bb5c6ec77fb15032c96508a9db9
dmb2019-03-10_20 Grey Street.flac:20f15a8722d09e47d510a5542f2152dd

39f32a056125f226216ed799dffc19bf *dmb2019-03-10_00 Intro.mp3
108622ca1427327746a1e555373fad5b *dmb2019-03-10_01 That Girl Is You.mp3
576076987c759cfc9c490a166f9073e0 *dmb2019-03-10_02 Warehouse.mp3
d8e926ca3ed88e1b1ab7713e9fc35c3a *dmb2019-03-10_03 Satellite.mp3
e590d3821acfc26e1496730934050d87 *dmb2019-03-10_04 Help Myself.mp3
e5d9dea0ad37196302f4edc577b8d14b *dmb2019-03-10_05 Do You Remember.mp3
f278762d4c0c23647d6f4bd9814fbb5b *dmb2019-03-10_06 Louisiana Bayou.mp3
a08ec00fcf9eeabb0e0b8689bb2dc3a5 *dmb2019-03-10_07 Crush.mp3
05044874915507b64738398a1f54c8be *dmb2019-03-10_08 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin).mp3
824c3bebe27775f563eeca031966f4e9 *dmb2019-03-10_09 Don't Drink the Water.mp3
6c7baa6e0afc930748774b29cfa844c4 *dmb2019-03-10_10 Here On Out.mp3
cfcf1c6d3a352250d1bf2ff86238abda *dmb2019-03-10_11 Stand Up (For It).mp3
be1862343877537394816cd5b76c575f *dmb2019-03-10_12 Sledgehammer.mp3
4ece2955a0b800788e45805911c0c1dd *dmb2019-03-10_13 She.mp3
a8d891fd922ee2df05b324b7c53612d8 *dmb2019-03-10_14 Crash into Me.mp3
81fd6eca29f0954c98ac2a4d573005c1 *dmb2019-03-10_15 Rapunzel.mp3
2159e6fa5d85e09656f49a8eeecffa78 *dmb2019-03-10_16 You & Me.mp3
02f1a7f7dd1150a2c35fbcfe2554eb12 *dmb2019-03-10_17 What Would You Say.mp3
0358b55d96b2ebee1712dbbf5afcecca *dmb2019-03-10_18 Ants Marching.mp3
2bf20e4aab9c8001fd62a5767e5986f9 *dmb2019-03-10_19 Granny.mp3
75330fab231069f2799c5b3e524438f9 *dmb2019-03-10_20 Grey Street.mp3

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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