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DMB2019-09-13.siriusxm.web.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
September 13, 2019
Ak-Chin Pavilion
Phoenix, AZ

Source: SiriusXM HLS "Extreme" quality stream > ffmpeg-20190722-817235b-win64-static
Conversion: Decompress AAC to WAV via ffmpeg-20190722-817235b-win64-static > CD Wave Editor 1.97 (Tracking) > foobar2000 (Tagging, conversion to FLAC Level 8)

01: Introduction
02: Louisiana Bayou
03: Satellite
04: Come Tomorrow
05: Anyone Seen the Bridge
06: Fly Like an Eagle
07: Rooftop
08: Crush
09: Do You Remember
10: Lying in the Hands of God
11: Kill the Preacher [partial]
12: Don't Drink the Water
13: Warehouse
14: Lover Lay Down
15: Can't Stop
16: Sledgehammer
17: Here On Out
18: Tripping Billies
19: Where Are You Going
20: You Might Die Trying
21: Everyday
22: Encore Break
23: Granny
24: Ants Marching
25: Outro

Compiled on 9/19/2019

Notes: Original media info for ADTS format AAC prior to conversion to FLAC for distribution is included below for reference. No further "lossy" conversions took place in processing this capture.

Complete name : dmb2019-09-13.aac
Format : ADTS
Format/Info : Audio Data Transport Stream
File size : 303 MiB
Overall bit rate mode : Variable

Format : AAC
Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
Format version : Version 4
Format profile : LC
Bit rate mode : Variable
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel positions : Front: L R
Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz
Frame rate : 43.066 FPS (1024 spf)
Compression mode : Lossy
Stream size : 303 MiB (100%)

768581a8cb4e024cf3c602db290b8409 *dmb2019-09-13t01.flac
22e9dedc512783b940c22a49a29742fd *dmb2019-09-13t02.flac
5401256317c877dacb2b47a72b536178 *dmb2019-09-13t03.flac
dbcf6b8353c5f5d38a7530632c5f4a50 *dmb2019-09-13t04.flac
ae465ac704661ba637fb11eafe16eebf *dmb2019-09-13t05.flac
c375d00a5a295cd469f498bb236a9719 *dmb2019-09-13t06.flac
b407c6022f7baf93a13dd3b4fa9297c8 *dmb2019-09-13t07.flac
fe12a6248d101d105f79e7b866d9d7af *dmb2019-09-13t08.flac
26e6079cd4cbe181ff15bed0a3c68691 *dmb2019-09-13t09.flac
d4268aa7febe9f324b2408c1865ec5da *dmb2019-09-13t10.flac
62dfa154bac701781125c6009da6e257 *dmb2019-09-13t11.flac
fc5c25634de76e3dc38555255d57f969 *dmb2019-09-13t12.flac
8fa41dd851822b7c25067691bcb3ed16 *dmb2019-09-13t13.flac
9824de9be6cf3790e6aebfae41f6d182 *dmb2019-09-13t14.flac
1f36949f5c7580f8e68a056f1db7a032 *dmb2019-09-13t15.flac
bb5da48f61a68c9a339c41bf018ccbf6 *dmb2019-09-13t16.flac
81961d84afd6ef444ab563df7ab401aa *dmb2019-09-13t17.flac
5aa16431cc002bf1a16c6a926497eb8c *dmb2019-09-13t18.flac
68f91171601d6d358d003d767ca30c10 *dmb2019-09-13t19.flac
02e28ade0168d3f0eaef72c21938ccde *dmb2019-09-13t20.flac
d326e8a03b5ad242c919e47d5e218065 *dmb2019-09-13t21.flac
3dcc8ff432ca413bccb97017f107ebfb *dmb2019-09-13t22.flac
2713bacf1b356445767d9e9bd91648d1 *dmb2019-09-13t23.flac
92f384481c2750b4a26189672bb0ea9e *dmb2019-09-13t24.flac
10544a19df4df1964b9ea987b34f08e5 *dmb2019-09-13t25.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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