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DMB2016-06-21.dpa4028.flac16 (Scott Brown)

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Dave Matthews Band
Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
Wantagh, NY

Recorded By: Scott Brown
Source: DPA 4028 > Grace Design Lunatec V3 > Mytek Stereo 192 @ 24 bit, 96khz > Sound Devices 744T
744T > Apple MacBook Pro > Wave Editor 1.5.7 (tracking, resample to 44.1khz using Izotope 64 bit SRC, dither to 16 bit using MBIT+) > xACT 2.39b(7643) > flac
Location: Section C, row K

01. Intro 01:48.30
02. Granny 05:05.63
03. One Sweet World 07:29.05
04. Seek Up 21:10.11
05. Seven 06:19.25
06. Death on the High Seas 06:12.41
07. You Might Die Trying 08:53.03
08. Samurai Cop 05:01.02
09. Crush 14:24.66
10. Digging a Ditch 06:24.63
11. Don't Drink the Water 07:45.13
12. Grey Street 06:57.60
13. Gravedigger > 05:26.05
14. Bismarck 07:19.55
15. Rooftop 05:45.62
16. Crash into Me 07:04.50
17. Bob Law 07:04.65
18. Ants Marching 18:45.42
19. Why I Am 04:02.50
20. All Along the Watchtower 09:00.19
Total: 162:01.55

-This is a 16 bit, 44.1khz version for CD.**The original 24 bit, 96khz recording exists in flac format.

compiled by scott brown on 07/12/2016

#MD5 checksums generated by xACT 2.39 on 2016-07-13 01:36:44 +0000

96a445b6cb87fbcc82606ad33ee74803 *dmb20160621t01.flac
e7c897dd7cd48c7638de94e547c93e8f *dmb20160621t02.flac
ae2d27481fdf99c33b3f2f21d9455f04 *dmb20160621t03.flac
955b68202e2852830d4f721e574d6d6c *dmb20160621t04.flac
e2fa45919d822758cbcb6c79a2e42685 *dmb20160621t05.flac
34fdb2eb7e007c3af87b787781dd7265 *dmb20160621t06.flac
cd02e4340840025061f75bbe688c74e2 *dmb20160621t07.flac
03591d0111b021ed1ef1168cb8ca8cfb *dmb20160621t08.flac
52818490c9936998b621192d13ed96a7 *dmb20160621t09.flac
05ab1c7eaf1973e16d04daf4205f9c01 *dmb20160621t10.flac
deff02cd93655afae4a34ba8b9d1ecad *dmb20160621t11.flac
a4ba04c1c17b657cdc660f4e89d0dd6d *dmb20160621t12.flac
1ce7d7ba059e20a30db25673b79a33f2 *dmb20160621t13.flac
2b1290683409b6dce8d2b8a2739e420c *dmb20160621t14.flac
4d0c00cd5a03f71a57d7480a39d15124 *dmb20160621t15.flac
4e7cc62bfa0ca935c32853ba44894aca *dmb20160621t16.flac
8b416cf2d4ad56b24663bb24c3aad3a6 *dmb20160621t17.flac
86e3d27e90d679acb64fe0b4274c1ddf *dmb20160621t18.flac
abf049503d099c9a54c76e05054f27af *dmb20160621t19.flac
866b9103f380c170f06f7a71d0c5ac28 *dmb20160621t20.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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