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DMB2009-09-30.mbho.flac16 (Brian Price)

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Dave Matthews Band
Sprint Center - Kansas City, MO
MBHO KA200n/MB603>Edirol R-44
Normalize in Audacity>CDWav>FLAC
Taped By Brian Price

Please Trade as High Quality FLAC files

01 intro
02 Pantala Naga Pampa *
03 Rapunzel *
04 Proudest Monkey *
05 Funny The Way It Is *
06 Lying In the Hands of God *
07 Shake Me Like a Monkey *
08 Gravedigger *+
09 Dreaming Tree *~
10 Spaceman *
11 Lie In Our Graves *
12 Why I Am *
13 You Might Die Trying *
14 You and Me *
15 Crash (Into Me) *
16 Crush *
17 Alligator Pie *
18 Tripping Billies *

19 Baby Blue
20 So Much To Say *
21 Anyone Seen The Bridge *
22 Too Much (Fake) *
23 Halloween *

Special Guests:
* Jeff Coffin
+ Willie Nelson
~ Mickey Raphael
Dave Solo

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on October 1, 2009, at 10:29:21

0aebe9b9f30d4fe5110349902183a008 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt01.flac
fa2eae0d5ae52e87833940c9f9fea3c3 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt02.flac
b090a5e15d95e676f0c9a48d607f6a50 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt03.flac
96658b9f0b53625ea04b1b2dd8627235 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt04.flac
58410b5738491430f9a856899d0a03bc *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt05.flac
39d55949119d45545d8b39b6769615d4 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt06.flac
5cf94dec97210aef03431ea451d8848b *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt07.flac
eb0e65f31b3542797624c3a0b681573b *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt08.flac
5401a3b89a58ccb62f666967276b9643 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt09.flac
0d4b48836073eef553b67c539bd89d87 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt10.flac
2a49d7524d80a49444af063b30d50c17 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt11.flac
1e6095a88498cbea0aa59fa8d50043a9 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt12.flac
98c2e4561faf56cd5aae4bb587cc4fb3 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt13.flac
88f0ee77ec8552434cad062f9e20eac6 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt14.flac
cc36dd584693549db0b59ce969432dc8 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt15.flac
874cc1050a890e8b4f72a645261e6cfe *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt16.flac
ecbad36b3b6ae096fce8a9ca18b113b1 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt17.flac
a74740d2be9509a99d4e5882a27481dc *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt18.flac
a89eaa0f32b03cfc19e345ff592713be *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt19.flac
f73b6d1506c50eb422e34ea4723b590e *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt20.flac
69a921dcc60c9c263918693fc3d74c0c *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt21.flac
5ef26e524a575eb21e49e867c26f3750 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt22.flac
2d47b08f307798662aae51ecdd72cee8 *dmb2009-09-30mbhoka200nt23.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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