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D&C2007-11-15.dpa4023.flac16 (Scott Brown)

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Dave Matthews Band
"AT&T World's Loudest Pep Rally"
Eisenhower Hall Theatre
West Point, NY

Recorded By: Scott Brown
Source: DPA (B&K) 4023s > Lunatec V3 (HPF2) > Audio Magic Illusion QL XLRs > Mytek Stereo 192 ADC @24bit, 48khz > Audio Magic Illusion QL Digital XLR > Sound Devices 722
722 > Apple MacBook Pro > Spark Xl 2.8.2 (tracking, resample to 44.1khz, dither to 16 bit) > xACT 1.63 > flac
Location: At the Soundboard, ~15 feet up, XY

Disc 1
01 Intro 03:29.67
02 Two Step* 13:01.41
03 Crash Into Me* 07:36.38
04 Donít Drink the Water* 07:16.29
05 Corn Bread* 07:29.16
06 Anyone Seen The Bridge?*> 02:46.50
07 Too Much* 07:57.33
08 Dream Girl* 06:05.26
09 Grey Street* 06:24.53
10 Jimi Thing* 16:11.06
Disc 1 Total: 78:18.59

Disc 2
01 What Would You Say?* 07:11.28
02 Tripping Billies* 06:05.70
03 Everyday*> 07:55.15
04 Ants Marching* 07:50.10
05 Intro > 03:49.52
06 All Along The Watchtower*+ 13:37.45
07 Round And Round*@ 01:23.13
08 Gravedigger*@ 04:23.46
09 American Baby Intro* 10:24.28
10 Stay (Wasting Time)* 07:27.02
Disc 2 Total: 70:08.09

+*with Robert Randolph
@*Dave Solo

notes: This is a 16 bit, 44.1khz copy for CD. The original 24 bit, 48khz recording exists in flac format
compiled by scott brown on 11/16/2007

5a1024e33483428e05503ab904db7148 *dmb2007-11-15d1t01.flac
5520bf56b943684f540d6ae2e1f4d847 *dmb2007-11-15d1t02.flac
4a21afcc997fcb42ac9c0472b9151299 *dmb2007-11-15d1t03.flac
b913a6629e22b7f3c741a1755ee35822 *dmb2007-11-15d1t04.flac
07cd117063e448294edbc28f8a850bbd *dmb2007-11-15d1t05.flac
7e75a5da8c1b6d53bb7e422dad8fe9c8 *dmb2007-11-15d1t06.flac
4ced7fb53d462e5dae2fbf0f4a965829 *dmb2007-11-15d1t07.flac
a85be0312441705d7982c11f7b198b75 *dmb2007-11-15d1t08.flac
6af49185f268263bb8ed13b2d7a057d1 *dmb2007-11-15d1t09.flac
4b07c10c54c94ace7e0f28364fed1556 *dmb2007-11-15d1t10.flac
ebbc3d3f68552b8462706e04c04d69de *dmb2007-11-15d2t01.flac
beb7a4746b7749c51051e53dc64f9af2 *dmb2007-11-15d2t02.flac
a17d32bd09102a7cd535f46974845c47 *dmb2007-11-15d2t03.flac
9dc90fc880e8a61c9ddd0d062728f8b3 *dmb2007-11-15d2t04.flac
ea3e7a6fb3ec8990784bbaec96d2cb0f *dmb2007-11-15d2t05.flac
f06c506111597b0ab74074dfc2c3c6db *dmb2007-11-15d2t06.flac
ef173f002508892ade2309badf5f4284 *dmb2007-11-15d2t07.flac
c92ecf863b2c594b272de186305acc46 *dmb2007-11-15d2t08.flac
3b167a8ec52e8015f90d600ef2563402 *dmb2007-11-15d2t09.flac
18a14c0c3b321689c6904d77fb728353 *dmb2007-11-15d2t10.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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