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DMB2007-03-23.mk4.flac16 (Jon Koch)

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Dave Matthews Band
March 23, 2007
MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV

Taper: Jon Koch
Source: Schoeps MK4 > active cables > Nbox+ > IRiver iHP-120 (Rockbox)
Location: Floor A, Row N
Transfer: IRiver iHP-120 > USB > PC
Edit: wav > Sony Soundforge 7.0b > wav > CD Wave > wav
Conversion: wav > FLAC frontend 1.7.1 > .flac


Disc 1:
01: Intro [04:32]
02: Pantala Naga Pampa > [00:39]
03: Rapunzel [07:09]
04: Satellite [06:00]
05: When The World Ends [04:52]
06: Time Of The Season [04:06]
07: Hunger For The Great Light [05:05]
08: Dreamgirl [05:38]
09: Say Goodbye [10:44]
10: The Idea Of You [05:41]
11: Louisiana Bayou [09:20]
12: I'll Back You Up [05:44]
13: Down By The River [06:16]
Total: [75:44]

Disc 2:
01: Intro to... [00:34]
02: Crush [14:04]
03: The Maker [06:44]
04: Jimi Thing [15:44]
05: Stay [06:25]
06: Encore break/intro [06:14]
07: E: Sister * [05:19]
08: E: Everyday [09:25]
09: E: What You Are [07:18]
Total: [71:47]

* Dave solo

Notes: Thanks to Ian for the clamp space.
Never pay for or sell live recordings.

Compiled on 3.24.07

0ff7dc82a905430b9add6b29be16af3a *dmb2007-03-23d1t01.flac
8b47abcdb931494b8005e58bc39619bf *dmb2007-03-23d1t02.flac
773d6d5f4a2269d205fe849ffccb6b98 *dmb2007-03-23d1t03.flac
62c3bfb8457886df8539fda1a6a817f8 *dmb2007-03-23d1t04.flac
b1c3799f1ee4e603b84bd4e39671b9bd *dmb2007-03-23d1t05.flac
c528185423dcac138228be4b39e97f9e *dmb2007-03-23d1t06.flac
37a5c7884a05afe951402a81a347b52a *dmb2007-03-23d1t07.flac
a63914fef2ab7757f8c28c5bfd8fd92c *dmb2007-03-23d1t08.flac
ca4ecea2c5709c80ca054f837b949738 *dmb2007-03-23d1t09.flac
2e3ac734a60cc3eff3b49f054c956b29 *dmb2007-03-23d1t10.flac
7f2ecb470b241fac97aa1cf90490bbe8 *dmb2007-03-23d1t11.flac
18cc5dfabccf4242f99fac64f7a8494e *dmb2007-03-23d1t12.flac
0bfe31951f51ccc8ef1731e6aab87ece *dmb2007-03-23d1t13.flac
a9c150187400b694e48a873f033f06ac *dmb2007-03-23d2t01.flac
ae19fe694dba94c3f896d7967c758366 *dmb2007-03-23d2t02.flac
03f0f6e1c1bb368eff3a9015ca2b5ddc *dmb2007-03-23d2t03.flac
a6c9af4156caa6cc28e22bd7cb51f47f *dmb2007-03-23d2t04.flac
21820da8f67df9d55073b4bb5cc5037c *dmb2007-03-23d2t05.flac
29fca1b329faefdde7b9bf3658244cad *dmb2007-03-23d2t06.flac
5999a77690972b879057f2e1194c586b *dmb2007-03-23d2t07.flac
1ec3b2e7d6f1f0d4b52ae91a917a96de *dmb2007-03-23d2t08.flac
828ad9ef5538f73e4517e5068a47352e *dmb2007-03-23d2t09.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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