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DMB2007-03-24.akg483.flac16 (Jake Brock)

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Dave Matthews Band
March 24, 2007
MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV

Taper: Jake Brock
Source: AKG 483 > V3 > PMD 671 at 24/48
Location: Floor D Row D seats 11/12
Transfer: PMD671 > USB > PC
Edit: wav > Audacity 1.2.3 > wav > CD Wave > wav
Conversion: wav > FLAC frontend 1.7.1 > .flac

---Please do not encode to any lossy format (mp3) except for personal use---

01: Intro
02: Crash
03: Die Trying
04: Grey Street
05: Sweet Caroline
06: What Would You Say
07: The Idea of You
08: Seek Up
09: Stillwater >
10: Donít Drink the Water
11: Dancing Nancies
12: Where Are You Going
13: The Maker
14: Louisiana Bayou
15: Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
16: Down By the River
17: Too Much
18: Tripping Billies


19: Encore break
20: Gravedigger*
21: American Baby Intro
22: Halloween

Thanks for the ticket swap to Mattquaker2 on WH
And a special thanks to the 2 wooks behind us that grabbed, yanked or fell into our stand no less than 6 times

dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t01.flac:0cbc69c93984e429a0a653ade574 c721
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t02.flac:0b9a75a6818d2033858f60911b5b 11b6
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t03.flac:627474db3a39e86af61223f5a523 1eb1
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t04.flac:c50dfc72c4edde85807e46ffe1a9 b3cb
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t05.flac:eaa2811ed5805af7caf5eca6b9e5 d671
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t06.flac:edfa0db17c30314f8d9c548d05e1 21a0
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t07.flac:14f0d28c50498992004564073c15 203c
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t08.flac:e63b0f58960a18c100b514121f56 8268
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t09.flac:293ea7f452c7c24068a569967d90 4329
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t10.flac:8ba3bf8e28b23d6353472f3d14c0 fa89
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t11.flac:2e3a9fa4cf4d0eaab18965f29265 d3c2
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t12.flac:a922fe884437fa1bcef890a0db1f befe
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t13.flac:582898834ec2249bdaca0248b3a5 3bf1
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t14.flac:27afd1b3d3d688ff668ee8310397 7949
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t15.flac:b05b015a056063e397f07edcec10 bc50
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t16.flac:4770cc7a79b74bc8dc511f70c357 55c1
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t17.flac:ad77be4b7d5ee11f350178ac5480 713f
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t18.flac:71ca01934b4df3e3f440ceec563e 802c
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t19.flac:7f1d65d59fd5be3cf7fd8a906b78 62f7
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t20.flac:f99af02296d9af9525f8710cfc31 726f
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t21.flac:846223a5daa68a7288c9ce352f14 e88d
dmb2007-03-24.akg483.V3.t22.flac:7c480447a660bb42ce4dd5bb0e7c 6250

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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