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DMB2002-04-10.mk4v.flac16 (Jeff Travitz)

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Dave Matthews Band
First Union Center
Philadelphia, PA
April 10, 2002

Taper: Jeff Travitz
Source: Schoeps MK4v->Schoeps kcy Actives->Schoeps vms5u-> Sony SBM-1->Sony D-10
Conversion: Unknown

Disc 1:
01: What Would You Say? 06:26
02: Raven 06:49
03: Too Much 05:49
04: The Space Between 06:33
05: Grey Street 07:32
06: When The World Ends 05:13
07: You Never Know 07:04
08: I Did It 04:43
09: Grace is Gone 06:56
10: The Stone 08:04
Total: 65:12

Disc 2:
01: Lie In OUr Graves 18:43
02: If I Had It All 05:06
03: Drive In, Drive Out 08:00
04: Big Eyed Fish -> 05:55
05: Bartender 18:23
06: Pantala Naga Pampa -> Rapunzel 08:03
07: Where Are You Going? 05:10
08: Don't Drink The Water 08:52
Total: 78:10

Compiled by Connor Cronk on 02-15-03

305d689722cac09a421d515e2fe50ef3 *dmb2002-4-10d1t3.shn
a87f1ad06e8bfcc471adf162df1c7a55 *dmb2002-4-10d1t6.shn
72d31aefc37dd2119eb02f7e872eb18b *dmb2002-4-10d1t8.shn
36095d7fef5cb826815cf3dd0c64cdb0 *dmb2002-4-10d1t10.shn
792c7bd11051be6862ee229ba8bf2595 *dmb2002-4-10d1t2.shn
b9d7cfefb46692797758ad781c6e61c7 *dmb2002-4-10d1t4.shn
ba6efd4081fdf255500fdcc02f73adf3 *dmb2002-4-10d1t1.shn
b945bca58b129a16f26976407e8d8270 *dmb2002-4-10d1t9.shn
98c9f57f424bc972eb63c9b872edd627 *dmb2002-4-10d1t7.shn
986993b552bebd81881963c70a7db27f *dmb2002-4-10d1t5.shn

54c33fb0029a0f44c2f9308b9c964916 *dmb2002-4-10d2t1.shn
a777518c651e0dd9a0b2302f6da1d793 *dmb2002-4-10d2t3.shn
4a3fe007fa1f405f8798b0f0c6c3ee3c *dmb2002-4-10d2t5.shn
d459d7baf53c36bb8cd70073e0fca49a *dmb2002-4-10d2t7.shn
60bb4dd9c8c32fe645343db61c81be0e *dmb2002-4-10d2t8.shn
cbd7480a2977483f08e87afa57801e36 *dmb2002-4-10d2t6.shn
dba2bfe9df035d1f31486c3be91327b8 *dmb2002-4-10d2t4.shn
1f510db1f749404eee4b3e488a6a5da2 *dmb2002-4-10d2t2.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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