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DMB2001-04-28.akg480.flac16 (Casey Morgan)

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Dave Matthews Band
April 28, 2001
Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek
Raleigh, NC

Taper: Casey Morgan
Location: Section 2, Row P
Source: akg480(ck61 caps)>Graham Patten DMIC20>Sony TCD-D8
Transfer: DAT(@16/44kHz)>Tascam DA-20>M-Audio Microtrack II>USB>PC
Conversion: Tom Gambichler-WAV>Sound Forge 8,Fade in & fade out applied, No Normalization, L3 Waves Volume Maximizer applied>CD Wav Editor for track splitting>WAV>Flac Frontend,compression @ level 5>Foobar 2000 for tagging

************************************************** *********************
**************DO NOT ENCODE THIS SHOW TO LOSSY FORMATS*****************
****************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT*******************
************************************************** *********************

Disc 1
01. Intro 02:09
02. #41 (Everyday outro) 14:20
03. When the World Ends 05:05
04. JTR 07:25
05. So Right 06:49
(Big Eyed Fish tease) *
06. Bartender 10:18
07. What Would You Say 07:08
08. If I Had It All 04:39
09. Everyday (#36 outro) 08:29
10. All Along the Watchtower 10:35
Total time Disc 1 77:22

Disc 2
11. Sleep to Dream Her-> 04:45
12. Grace Is Gone 05:50
13. What You Are ** 06:48
14. Grey Street ** 09:07
15. I Did It 03:57
16. True Reflections 08:16
17. Two Step 14:27
18. Encore Break 05:55
19. Waste *# 04:46
20. Tripping Billies (Nature intro) 06:12
Total time Disc 2 70:27

* Dave solo
# first time played

** significant dropout during What You Are and Grey Street from the DAT. I patched in these 2 tracks from the Sareen akg480 source with crossfades after Grace is Gone and before I Did It

Notes: Picked up this DAT from taper Casey Morgan in February 2011 on my way to North Carolina. Thanks to Casey for lending me this DAT to convert and circulate into the community.

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on November 13, 2011

d31f3fc2c7729f2ab62f84b7665c6474 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t01.flac
bd47c4353f779070f1477520f43cd464 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t02.flac
aaf3e5a78fb10848162b82f5019107a8 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t03.flac
874d10168875373a5009f6764760f0f9 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t04.flac
c3b36d3a6bbc58dba247bc83c45d6219 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t05.flac
242529d405ebfaa809bd681a4eeafc17 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t06.flac
e58f0a503e6f01d74919e79c68777375 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t07.flac
845f9137142331e820fcbb3b3a67f269 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t08.flac
3f63921c45c496dd4310067f231f0b2f [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t09.flac
97d9b35af5a3931bb6081a888c58993e [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t10.flac
6beb63371f938e6ea94705f8483811f8 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t11.flac
3503e04eee9a2c508deb45b19de95f3e [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t12.flac
5ea388cba9de65f6e96f5129ae6ff846 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t13.flac
e35d8eddee7b77dea15c5527ddf137c6 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t14.flac
2e0a3bd371ed20f9fb70895908e1af27 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t15.flac
c806be3f5e9e2d0e80750e3d55688dbe [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t16.flac
65666c5ccca8a9307b517a75a713f283 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t17.flac
bf7453519c27cf0ecccc091dfad2a3ca [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t18.flac
6a154fc45b328f82e9b86b15f4a9b9dc [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t19.flac
9f13250a09d41dc1de94ef163920c2d9 [shntool] dmb2001-04-28t20.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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