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DMB1999-07-31.akg480.flac16 (Casey Morgan)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 31, 1999
Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
Raleigh, NC

Taper: Casey Morgan
Location: Orch 1, Row F, Right stack, mic stand at 15 feet
Source: akg480(ck61 caps)>Graham Patten DMIC20>Sony TCD-D8
Transfer: DAT(@16/44kHz)>Tascam DA-20>M-Audio Microtrack II>USB>PC
Conversion: Tom Gambichler-WAV>Sound Forge 8,Fade in & fade out applied, Normalize to -0.01db>CD Wav Editor for track splitting>Flac Frontend, compression @ level 5>Foobar 2000 for tagging

************************************************** *********************
**************DO NOT ENCODE THIS SHOW TO LOSSY FORMATS*****************
****************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT*******************
************************************************** *********************

Disc 1
01. Intro 01:18
02. What Would You Say 06:44
03. Help Myself 05:44
04. Warehouse (Stop time intro) 08:35
05. Crush (Stefan and Carter intro) * 14:11
06. The Song That Jane Likes 05:29
07. So Much to Say-> * 04:14
08. Anyone Seen the Bridge-> * 01:25
09. Too Much * 06:29
10. Two Step 14:16
11. Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) 07:15
Total time Disc 1 76:06

Disc 2
12. One Sweet World (Instrumental intro) 11:04
13. Jimi Thing 16:31
14. Heartbeat Jam-> * 06:26
15. Pantala Naga Pampa-> * 00:41
16. Rapunzel * 08:27
17. Tripping Billies (Nature intro) 06:30
18. Encore Break 03:32
19. Angel from Montgomery 07:19
20. All Along the Watchtower (Stefan bass intro) 09:19
Total time Disc 2 70:12

* with Jamal Milner on electric guitar

Notes: Picked up this DAT from taper Casey Morgan in February 2011 on my way to North Carolina. Thanks to Casey for lending me this DAT to convert and circulate into the community.

Errors: Dropouts at 06:23-06:25 and 08:24 of Watchtower

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on October 11, 2011

94ac17360d0530a2c6546d165944d3e2 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t01.flac
23ae6ab1b82b2435010b462736fa0273 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t02.flac
3ba10fc70c5c0333736e436426f42333 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t03.flac
7d6f87d676da401f32948188e5f7806e [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t04.flac
acc0d6e5206dc5609c626d5c58c5d805 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t05.flac
3a91a74210a058d29536bfe8df53ca08 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t06.flac
6546bcb8e83c7849c9c421b17fb580ee [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t07.flac
7512c6b938719b79fb3412950cd9698a [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t08.flac
ccb4b8f9028f26ad204d467670b5aeb2 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t09.flac
8d271ec60cd7acff9256bb5b2939e2f7 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t10.flac
29ca987da304091c4fafe57f17de4e2b [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t11.flac
f621a2d681b8ccccf5d803da79f115ca [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t12.flac
46fc71a0cc974566a66788d923503fed [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t13.flac
127bfa6301597490e3da3ab53ee560f4 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t14.flac
5ecaa68c5c937aef68e3c27cf500a4df [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t15.flac
d313beff4e241cdc3a1c8259ad23a3e3 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t16.flac
17302da1e1872eabf444586a65845221 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t17.flac
f45bdb1c832daf377d069c9d999cdd94 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t18.flac
769575ae2e81de9ac04ec2f86f51fea3 [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t19.flac
e963263f2ee51db064918b80f9f7ee2d [shntool] dmb1999-07-31t20.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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